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    Fractured is one of a kind for sure, but I hardly imagine what will real gameplay be. I am mostly concerned about balance, they mentioned many times that experienced players will be only slightly stronger than the new comers, then again, will experienced ones be well rewarded for their efforts or will their knowledge give them real upper hand in terms of options rather than higher stats?
    Another conclusion came up to my mind is simply theoretical, not serious though. How will world look like after 6 months, will one guild dominate whole island or will there be never ending fights between factions and will there be more to interrupt the routine of the politics between fights of evil vs good and will players find their ways around system to dominate the other worlds that are to be forbidden for their race.


    The stats and numbers of experienced players will only be slightly above newbies. They may have found a better skill build which will be a much larger advantage alongside player experience, of course.

    A guild cannot dominate anything more than a single City. Guilds can form alliances if they like, but there is no system for this currently planned for Fractured itself.


    rewards are the same, gear from the loser. I'd say an experienced player will know the land better but it's still possible that a new player has spells that the experienced player can't counter.

    i don't see 1 guild dominating a whole planet (remember there's 3). cities can be sieged so there should be some constant fighting, however, the beastkin planet won't have that-iirc.


    Experienced players will mostly be better because they have more experience in the game and how to react to certain situations.


    @savvym said in World affairs:

    they mentioned many times that experienced players will be only slightly stronger than the new comers

    This only goes for gear / stat power.

    Skills are completely different story, someone who is skilled will easily beat someone who is not skilled. This further means that guilds that will recruit full force of pro skilled people could easily dominate other guilds that will recruit less skilled people and play differently. They will dominate with skills, not with gear.

    Will certain guild dominate an area? Sure, if that guild recruits most skilled people on the server, while other guilds do not, yeah that guild will easily dominate, and this is how it is supposed to be. So if you run a guild, care about your recruitment. 🙂


    I will admit I have my reservations on that gear is slightly trivial, but I'm holding judgement until I get hands on or view someone else. Skills seem to be the 'gear' of this game, the problem with that is there usually ends up being a meta which everyone then spams, I find that very annoying personally. But again, there hasnt been any hands on so all this is just me speculating.

    It will definitely look different visually as there will be plots of land and buildings thrown around areas that originally had none. Whether there will be combat all around, I could only imagine so. Once people figure out the best resource nodes and area, mats and so on guilds will most likely fight for those sections.

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