Missed the Kickstarter - What are my options?


    Hello Fractured Devs and Community!
    I missed the kickstarter and am looking to find out my options.
    Will there still be early bird prices?
    Will the packs change in value post Kickstarter?

    I was very interested in the knight pack as it seemed like great value and a good amount to help the games progression.


  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Seems that new purchases are temporarily unavailable as the kickstarter just ended but according to the devs it should soon be possible to purchase on the website. The packages are expected to be the same sans the early-bird packages, which only differ from "regular" packages by price (50€ difference). There's no kickstarter-exclusive stuff.
    That being said, I suspect that things will chance eventually, e.g. alpha 1 keys may not be available for purchase after launch (this is just a guess though).


    You've missed out on the Kickstarter-only cosmetic rewards:

    • Dragon Hatchling pet
    • Wall decoration
    • Cape
    • Weapon FX
    • Spell FX

    In addition, any limited-edition pledges that have sold out (such as Soul of Arboreus et al.) will not be available.

    All of the other normal packs will remain available through the web site. That is, all packs that are not Early Bird offers and have not sold out will remain available.

    It is not yet certain if Early Bird offers will remain available with the remaining "stock" that they had at the end of Kickstarter. This has consistently been left open up to this point.


    wait until they open on the store here.

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