What is the gvg format?


    I heard that there will be some sort of a gvg mechanic implemented in the game. What kind of gvg will it be? Is there only going to be zvz with lots of players, or will there be competitive objective-based matches like 5v5 to capture certain territories and other points of interest?


    @radovid This is what we'll discuss in the next spotlight features

    Yes, there’s a lot to explain here, so much that we have to split the topic into multiple spotlights.

    In this one, we’re focusing on the structure of the world map, the basics of town progression, guild towns vs free towns, and town politics (Governors and elections).

    SF#7 Towns, Governors&Politics+(RUS, DE)


    As I understand it, the primary "GVG" mechanic is to formally announce a raid on a civ. This will, presumably after a delay, convert the City Zone into a Siege Zone and start a fight.

    I don't know what the rules are of this fight, but I presume if the attacking guild wins, then the captured civ becomes their Guild City, and if they lose then there is no change in governorship.

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