short question about towns, cities


    as i read, there will be player made towns and neutral towns that are to be claimed right?

    will there be possibility ruin and destroy them? Will there be wall buildings to fence our cities or towns? And if so how to get pass over the walls to loot a city or attack


    @memokal As we found out, the cities themselves can not be looted just like that. First you need to choose a fight for them (siege). And then we will own the property inside the houses. Around the city can be placed protective fortifications, and then they can be destroyed, but not the buildings themselves.


    Please see Spotlight #7: Towns, Governors, Politics for more detail on the below.

    Civilizations in Fractured have "City Zones" around them which, depending on the planet, serve as limited safe zones from PVP. You cannot build within a City Zone, or in the fringe just around a City Zone ("Neutral Zone").

    Cities can be in any of the following states:

    • NPC: At server launch, a couple cities serving as new player spawn points will be NPC-controlled. I believe these will stay NPC-controlled forever.
    • Abandoned / Haunted: Any city not controlled by NPCs or high-pledging players at server launch, or which has fallen into dilapidation because its player residents haven't upkept it. They can be infested with monsters that must be cleared out before someone can claim the city, which is done by building anything at all in one of its building plots.
    • Hamlet: A freshly made lil' village with at least 1 resident. It has no governing body yet, and therefore no laws can be set. Once the hamlet is large enough and at least 1 citizen has contributed enough to its well-being, it can elect a Governor and become a city proper.
    • Free City: A city that is not under the control of a guild. Residents elect Governors democratically, and can remove them from power.
    • Guild City: A city that is under the control of a guild. The guild serves as an oligarchy and appoints one of its members as Governor (not necessarily the Guild Master!) The only reliable way for anyone outside of the guild to take the city is to remove the guild from it.

    A city is called either a Village, Town, City, or Metropolis depending on its "prestige" which is a product of its number of buildings & residents, alongside player activity.

    Anyway, to answer your question:

    • Townships in their natural state are protected from all damage and looting. A siege must be formally declared on the city, and once it starts the City Zone will convert into a Siege Zone, which is similar to a guild vs. guild battlefield.
    • Buildings must be upkept. This can be done manually by hard-carrying resources to buildings for repairs, or automatically with a Carpenter contract.


    i love how everyone gives quality and useful answers. it makes me learn faster about game instead of reading everything on the news and watch videos. Pretty much saving time but dont be mad at me ha-ha 😄 Thanks for Answer!


    @memokal more important is to look after the live tonight (21h in EU)

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