Reminiscent of Ultima Online ?


    I just found Fractured this morning from an email via Backerlog (used by kickstarter) and it looks fantastic. Very reminiscent of ultima online and brings back many good memories. However, I keep hearing about the system being very different. Are there any UO vets that could help me with how they are alike but different ? Thanks in advance !


    @shoebaca I can only give you this

    There are plenty of titles that inspired us to make Fractured. In the MMO department I can name a few:

    • Ultima Online for the freedom and the emotions given by exploration.
    • Shadowbane for its town building and conquest mechanics.
    • Haven & Heart for its survival side.
    • Guild Wars 1 / 2 for its character building.
    • Vanguard for its race characterization.
    • Talking modern stuff, I could name Albion Online - or better, its dev studio Sandbox Interactive.
    • etc etc etc etc.

    Outiside of the MMO world, classic single player Action RPGs for the exciting and skill-based combat - you name them, there are so many! Tabletop games (D&d above all) and classic RPGs games (BG, Planescape) also inspired us for their character attributes, styles of magic, alignment...

    I could go on forever.

    Of course, most of the games I've mentioned are just inspirations - don't start thinking Fractured has, say, survival elements as hardcore as H & H - that's not the case πŸ˜„

    In the end, we've felt that in the sandbox MMO world there was still a lot of room for innovation and I hope what we've revealed so far and the future spotlights will convey Fractured's potential in full! πŸ™‚


    @muker that's perfect. At least I saw the similarities. I appreciate that post. Thanks


    @shoebaca you can also have a look in the topic I created several weeks ago New Ultima Online?, where I asked more or less the same question πŸ˜‰

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @shoebaca on the website check the news section. Look for the devblogs "spotlight #1-7". They explain everything there is to know currently.


    Welcome @shoebaca πŸ™‚
    You got much hints for UO, i could not play UO in its times much, since i had a very terrible internetconnection. But since i played much UO like singleplayer games, i was searching for something similar online... an longlasting search over the years.
    Then i heard around 9 months ago about Fractured.
    And it got me from first moment, even we just had some pics and a vision spread over 5 Spotlights.
    I think you will find much similarities with UO as you will find much influences from other games.
    @Lohen said once, that it is maybe nothing new, but in its combination it is unique!

    I wish you much fun in exploring all the still available Informations we have πŸ™‚
    Dive into All Known Things.

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