Combat log for kills/who killed you?

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    Will there be some sort of system in place where you can check your character screen and it will have a log of who you killed/who killed you, when and how?
    Similar to Black Desert Online, but hopefully not as buggy.

    It would be a nice thing to be able to keep track of the basics, for PvP buffs tracking their kills, or other players just so they know who to look out for.

    Possibility in the future for some sort of Nemesis system maybe too.

    Just thoughts.


    hi @silarc ! you could look here to have some answers or not ^^

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    @gofrit Not quite as detailed as that.

    A simple log only for when someone does things like attack you, major status changes when applied, like poison, downed, and killed, like this:

    20:30: Silarc Attacked Gofrit.
    20:33: Silarc Knocked out Gofrit with Attack from a Iron Mace.
    20:34: Silarc Killed Gofrit with Heavy Strike from a Iron Mace.
    20:35: Silarc Stole from Gofrit.

    14:48: Silarc is Wet from rain.
    15:00: Gofrit Attacked Silarc.
    15:02: Gofrit Knocked out Silarc with a Lightning Strike.
    15:02: Gofrit Killed Silarc with with a Lightning Strike.

    Something not displayed on screen, in a menu, where you can have a look when you want to.

    If you get killed and are like, WTF was that spell 😦 , it took me down from half health??
    I swear I have seen that guy before?..🤔
    Checks log, yep.. he killed me about the same time last night, will have to watch him 😑 .

    Its so easy in PvP MMOs to lose track of who you have ran into and why. You may remember at the time they do something to you, for the rest of the day, or even a few days after. But a week down the line you forget things, and to have a log to be able to check and say "Aah yes, I remember you now, PREPARE YOURSELF SCUM!". It can help.

    This kind of log wouldn't provide any real advantage, just a basic reference.
    Just a suggestions of the things Ive found useful from years of playing various MMOs, even when I havent been active in PvP it is interesting to look at.


    @silarc Does it also list where you were killed?

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    @absolutelywrecked I did put some thought into Where too. If it were to say the general area the event happened that would be good. I dont know how areas are tracked in game yet though so i dont know how hard it would be. But i can imagine the in game map to have some sort of area label, so i dont think it would be hard to add if it does if they were to implement a feature like this.


    no info about this that i'm aware of. it would be odd to see Fractured not having it but I'm open to surprises.

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