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    I am a little confused about how pets work and can't find very much information on them. Can they be used in PvP, are they lootable, and most importantly, how many pets can I have in coordinance to my Charisma stat.

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    Pets can't be used in PvP, they principally just follow you (but I saw somewhere only one is able to fight). I don't think they're lootable, I suppose some will be buyable in the cash shop. For the moment, I don't think they have told us how many pets you can have with your charisma (I've checked the spotlight on attributs and saw nothing)


    If I understood correctly, there are cosmetic pets, but there are also pets that can fight for you. Both types exist.

    I also understand that the amount of pets that you can control depends on CHA stat, but I don't believe devs have told us exact numbers for this yet. Probably due to the fact that game is still far away and this will be subject to balancing.

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    So it sounds like pets won't be lootable, but some pets can be used in combat which is separate from cosmetic pets, we don't have a clear answer on whether or not pets can be used in PvP, but it sounds like they won't be used in PvP, and we don't know how many pets we can have. Did I get everything correct?

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    @flamerunner Those that can be used in combat can obviously be used in PvP as well.


    Imo, there is no reason why combat pets wouldn't be usable in PvP.

    As I understand, there will be:

    • cosmetic pets (they just follow you around for vanity, these are likely to look flashier than combat pets) -- we don't know yet (devs haven't told us) if you can have more then one cosmetic pet following you simultaneously
    • combat pets (these can fight for you, both in PvE and PvP) -- we don't know what's the CAP on number of combat pets that can follow you around simultaneously, but we DO know it can be more than one at a time, and we DO know that this number (for combat pets) depends on your CHA stat


    We do not know if number of cosmetic pets that can follow you around will depend on CHA stat, but I'd say likely not.
    Imo, CHA stat will be tied only to combat pets limit and cosmetic pets limit will likely be tied only to $$ that you spend in CS (Devs will probably implement some cap too but I'd guess that you will be able to expand the limit of simultaneously following cosmetic pets with $$).

    (This last paragraph is just my guess)


    you know the game is open world pvp right? and there are no instanced pvp!?

    to say it isn't available in pvp means it's just a cosmetic pet.

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