Kickstarter Question + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS!

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    Just a quick question before I decide to pledge.
    Say I pledged to the Immortal pledge.
    Would I get the following, as an example of + ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS!:

    • Lifetime VIP membership
    • Lifetime free Carpenter NPC contract
    • 10,000 Dynamight Gold (30,000 total - retail €150)
    • Access to developer forums
    • Reserve guild name
    • Reserve unique character name
    • Your name or nickname in the in-game credits page
    • Access to Alpha - Phase 1 through to Beta Phase 2.
    • 2 additional character slots (6 total)
    • Unique forum titles: “Immortal”, “Knight”, “Proprietor”, “Patron”, “Artisan”, “Founder”, “Pioneer”, “Recruit”, and “Supporter”. Or would it just be the top one.
    • Unique in-game title: “Immortal”, “Knight”, “Proprietor”, “Patron”, “Artisan”, “Founder”, “Pioneer”, “Recruit”, and “Supporter”. Will these be switchable in game?
    • Amethyst, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron forum badges.
    • Amethyst, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron in-game avatar badge.
    • Exclusive Knight Armor Skin and Horse Armor Skin
    • Pet companion: Baby Dragon Evolution #4, #3, #2, AND #1. Or is it just #4?
    • Exclusive Founder Statue
    • Construction Plans for an exclusive “Founder Palace”, “Founder Villa”, AND “Founder Cottage”.
    • 1 set of Crafting Stations to be placed and used in your plot of land
    • 1 Mule mount plus a Wagon to carry heavy materials
    • DRM-free copy of the Fractured soundtrack
    • Official thanks from the Dynamight Studios team
    • Newsletter
    • Fractured Kickstarter Wallpaper

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Yes, you'll get all of that.


    Hi @silarc, If you pledge on immortal you'll have :

    • Support rewards
    • Recruit rewards
    • Pioneer rewards
    • Founder rewards
    • Artisan rewards
    • Patron rewards
    • Proprietor rewards
    • Knight rewards
    • Immortal rewards

    We probably have the highest grade of pet/carpenters (I don't think they give all pet versions and a lifetime carpenters AND a 6 months AND 3 months npc carpenters... no sens to me), all badges (but the last will be the truly effective in forum), all titles (but the last will be shown in forum) , all constructions plans, 6 characters slots, 30 000 dynamight gold, all access to alpha 1 to Beta 2 etc...


    that's exactly what "all previous tiers" means.

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    @silarc Yes, obviously. 😉

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