Taunt/Bodyguard (Tank) PvP mechanics

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    Tanking has long been an issue to balance in PvP.

    Many games just forsake the idea of tanks being balanced for PvP, and relegate them to the realm of PvE content. But I feel like this is a lazy cop-out.

    Some less popular games had great ideas for how to give tanks actual utility in PvP, that could be adapted to a new game such as Fractured.

    Dark Age of Camelot had an ability for tanks called "Bodyguard"... basically, you as a tank player, could pick one other player, and as long as you were within melee range of him/her, you were the bodyguard. Your parry, black, counter-attacks, etc would all translate to the target you are guarding. Essentially, they gain a whole new set of defensive stats.. making them a much less desirable target.

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning actually made "Taunt" work in PvP. Except it didn't force the taunted player to change targets, instead what it did was apply a debuff. "You deal X percent less damage to all targets except taunter." Even if this is a small amount, like 20 percent.. it's enough to make even the heaviest damage dealer reconsider his target choices.

    Albion Online had a lot of displacement abilities. Knocking people back, pulling them forward, sucking them into one point - that made tanks more of a "Control" class.

    What are your thoughts on this? Should we see these things in Fractured?


    @dulu If the game will be skills, posmalaysia to peregrinate mob/igrca from the goal ( which they will), they will be a certain amount of time. Yourself you impose efffekt armor, and the enemy of the EPR, which reduces damage for example. The simplest example of an Axe hero from Dota 2

    Yes.... I always end up not understand the concept of the topic. Hail the translator


    I was going to post this last night.

    SWToR has tanks functional in PvP too. Where the taunt actually debuffs the targets.

    So I’m curious how it will work here.

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    Bless Online had some nice tank skills (taunt) bring the enemy towards you, uppercut, charge at an enemy, and even had tank abilities to AOE without jumping which was pretty cool and I don't see that in many MMOs.

    Hopefully, Fractured add some special unique skills for Tanks, and some new skills we haven't seen before.

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    I think the best method would be the DAoC method, where a tank can guard a player with a skill (permanently, as long as you are positioned near them and you haven't switched the skill to someone else), and will take in a portion of the damage that goes towards that player (say, 50%). This skill should have a long cooldown and you must not be able to switch to other people too quickly, at least not without something like a channel that can be interrupted. I believe SWToR had a skill like that too, and the top PvP teams would call out who to switch guard to and etc. The other method that SWToR used however was pretty brain dead, you just spammed group taunt the moment it was up to give everyone in range a damage debuff. I would prefer a skill based system where tanks don't become the meta, as invincible people who can't be killed only buffs up zergs and nerfs small scale PvP (because the only method to really kill people in a tank meta is to bring more people).

    Overall, if it really comes down to it, it heavily depends on the healing meta too. If healing is difficult and skillful (healing should not outpace DPS, someone spamming heal on themselves should lose to someone who is attacking them correctly (if you must heal up in a fight, in a skillful game you need to find some way to stop the enemy from hitting you effectively first). If this is the case, tanks can be a good addition to PvP. If healing is OP and you can just spam an aoe heal circle, then tanks need to be weak, else the meta will be zergs only, and small scale PvP will die (as you cannot 1 vs 3 in a meta where people take forever to kill).

    I wouldn't mind if the system had no instant heals at all, just natural regen plus potions with cooldowns. This would give tanks a lot of room to be balanced in PvP, and therefore be more vital and a lot stronger.


    Tank are more useful when you cant walk thrue other people chars


    I'm pretty sure Fractured is suppose to have collision.


    Playing a Blackguard in Warhammer Online was one of the most satisfying things in regards to tank mechanics in pvp, not to mention how badass they looked.

    Hoping for something along the lines of that style of play here.


    I'd like to see 2 styles of taunts.

    1. as listed in the OP
    2. that actually forces attacks toward the tank (ignores where your mouse is for aiming). the equivalent of forcing a tab target.

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    Tanks will be major thing in this game because this game has body collision. So a few tanks can block a large group in a bottleneck, like a bridge, destroyed settlement wall or a narrow mountain pass. Can't wait to play a tank in Fractured. You will have very different build for offensive tanks in open field pvp and defending tanks in a besieged settlement. Being a pvp tank in Fractured won't be boring or repetitive.

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    I agree whole heartedly that collision-detection is essential for making PvP , particularly as a tank, enjoyable.

    And yes, I agree that the meta always needs to favor DPS over tanks and healers.

    I say this as a main tank or healer for a decade now.

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