How should an auction house be addressed


    I ask this question because I've seen too many games have an unbalanced AH that time the economy. I'm suggesting an AH system where depending on quality and components used will determine the worth of an item. Any thoughts?

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    The game is supposed to be sandbox.

    This means, if there will be an AH, then players should determine how much their effort (item) is worth, and other players are free to decide if they want to pay that much, or will they buy from another seller.

    Anything else eliminates "sandbox" from a game.

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    Lethality you're guessing right! Not only each planet, but also each region within a planet, has its own unique distribution of resources. Since there is no global banking and no global marketplace / auction house, it's up to the players to physically move resources around. Travels between planets are possible - we're talking magical means here, not sci-fi - but how easily they can be performed depends on your race, from the planet you're in, and from the destination. This is one of the first things we'll be covering in our upcoming dev journals so stay tuned!

    Rofus there are only 3 main planets, but there will be other regions in space you'll be able to visit: asteroids passing through the solar system! They'll be suitable for experienced players and one of the main stages for large-scale guild battles πŸ˜‰

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    either it'll exist in game or someone will build a website for it.

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    @unuldor don't forget that IF there will be an AH ingame, it will be local. So no global AH. Take that into account.


    I like how Albion Online did auction houses by having them unique to whatever town they were in.

    Hoping for localized auction houses and no global. Might already be planned not sure haven't looked into it.


    @Gothix Think of it like this, if I had a rare valuable item, then obviously I would sell it for high and get some people to pay for it, if for whatever reason competition has said rare valuable items, but in huge quantities, then they would sell it for lower. Basic economics, and trading.

    How many items exist in said world, and how many people willing to sell it, will definitely affect prices, making an auction house ran by the players totally viable and by my standards, that makes a sandbox auction house.

    An item in tartaros could be totally worthless in syndesia, while vice versa. But it's a challenge to get low prices. So keep that in mind!

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    The AH should be planet based.
    So if you want cheaperer resources that can only be found on the demon planet, you will have to travel there and go the the AH on that planet. Would be too easy if you could sit in the safety of the beastmen planet and buy resources from the demon planet without any risk.
    Also opens up a new "profession", by being a trader. Buy good cheap in one AH and move them to another AH to sell them with a profit.

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    @loxreaten said in How should an auction house be addressed:

    if for whatever reason competition has said rare valuable items, but in huge quantities

    Then it's not a rare item anymore, mate. πŸ˜›

    Item rarity can change over time, it's not defined by game mechanics.

    A DROP RATE of item might be low, so item can be RARE at the moment, but if people collected a huge quantities of that item over time (or by RNG), and now are selling it, then (even if item drop rate is still low) this item is, at the moment, NOT rare anymore, and item value changes.

    Anything that exists in huge quentity is by definition "not rare" πŸ™‚


    @Gothix Exactly. If some people know where and how to get the item, the item prices drop. So it's exactly possible to make a market based on players. Realm of the mad god already proved that was possible.


    I'm with the people saying it should be planet based. I entirely agree. Having traders ferry resources/goods between planets and locations will make it possible to have an actual player-based market economy, maybe even with trade routes. Plus it encourages activity around the entire game world in my opinion.

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    Eve Online has systems with markets. however, you could have skills to see, make purchases and place remote buy orders with certain skills. If you wanted to sell an item it had to be in that station.

    Let's replace systems with Towns, or villages, and it could work the in the same manor. A player travels to each town to buy and sell. They eventually learn a skill that allows them to see what's on the market. they're able to place orders remotely. The goods are in the warehouse but don't automatically move.

    This lets our contracts to be placed for transportation professions to start. The merchant can buy and sell while the transport can move the goods.

    I don't believe the skill should allow for a whole planet but if it's 2-3 towns (depending on distance). if people need a lore (ie Roleplay) reason. then the market host gives a means of communications to the trusted merchant so that the merchant can see and hear what the market host sees and hears. Another method to explain it is 'magic'!


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