Characters backstory!


    Let me see all of your backstories, I'm really interested in what everyone it thinking about doing with their characters. Feel free to discuss between yourselves!

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    I'll do it this week end, maybe 😛


    I really wanna know the backstory like how will they tie into the game

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    @whoatethecat Iam to uncreative.

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    I might do mine depending on how much free time I get as of current

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    So this is something I drew up for my character. It's very simple, but the basics are there.

    Name: Malyvern of Kuasrine
    Age: Unknown, though the coarse wrinkles around his eyes and his weathered smile betray his age as older than he appears.
    Profession: Magister
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male

    Describe your character's history:

    Malyvern is a conjurer, but don't let his friendly wizardly appearance fool you - he has spent many nights ridding travelers of their coin in taverns across Syndesia with parlour tricks and spectacle. Never accept his invitation to a bet.

    As time as worn on and the land relies more on steam-powered machinery, Malyvern and mages like him have resisted the change, favouring more 'traditional' arcane arts. Malyvern believes fervently that the shift towards machines is against the natural order of Syndesia and his among a group of mages hoping to restore the Arcane Academy.


    I will be someone that woke up not knowing themselves. I'll be unsure of what I am, but grow into the person I plan to become!


    I just hope that they include a way to have a backstory in the game where everyone can see your backstory and see what you are all about.

    I like having the ability to store information and little inside jokes from playing in the game that carry on with the character over time.


    @malyvern wish I’d known about your parlour tricks before accepting your bet! Silly Glim.


    I’m not completely done with mine, but here it is. Also, it’s the slightest bit disturbing.

    He couldn’t disappear. It was impossible.

    James, beat down by the rough edges of the human world, was on the brink of suicide, desperate for the savory nothingness of death. Surely, whatever pain arose after death could not outweigh the torment he has suffered in his mortal years. Alas, attempt after attempt, coincidence prevented him from ever being successful in departing. He had literally lost an arm and a leg in the turmoil. He hated everyone and everything.

    And he was perfect fitting for a demon.

    Madness had been long imbued into him, but a newfound, deranged and distorted new sort of insanity overtook him, and it was out of control. James recklessly mutilated himself, spilling his blood, slash after slash, scream after scream, laugh after laugh. Demonic stars made of cut marks covered his body. His muscles were weak and his eyesight dim. Each of the toes on his one last foot had been cut clean off. He closed his eyes and fell unconscious, but still, despite a tremendous effort, didn’t achieve his goal of satisfying death.

    Babilis had claimed him.

    What was left of his tortured spirit fell from his body, away from the world he had loathed. A new body made from the raging fires of hell were made to contain his essence. Rage surges within Xytun, the demon made from the most evil pieces of humankind that had resided within James. All feeling albeit bloodlust had been lost, withered away by the perpetual torture. These feelings were not likely to ever return to his soul.

    Now, with newfound power, and a painstakingly burning form, a new ambition arose to his demented mind. He was going to make the humans, no, everyone, pay. He vowed to make the living suffer; human, beastman, and demon alike. Though his new purpose was a sinister one, at least now he had a purpose, and a place to direct his everburning hatred towards: all of the living world.

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    Aha, you're completely right. Perhaps I should have played my cards closer to the chest. Still, there are always more surprises to reveal through roleplay.


    @malyvern I already knew that Glim would be tricked by someone, he isn't the wittiest of folks.


    Work in progress and subject to change 😛


    I usually make something close to one of my Elae Meltaea characters, who are usually not compatible with the host world without some heavy editing. I just try to get it as close as possible and just say it's what they transform into when they end up in the host world for whatever reason.


    Burst dps for me

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