Patch Log - b.0.8f - Starfaring Wagons & Ultimate Legends

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    Hi all,

    this time we have a BIG patch coming! Read on for all the news!

    Starfaring Wagons

    The #1 request of the community and a vital piece of the economy is finally fixed: when a character logs out carrying a cart or a wagon, the latter now goes with it instead of detaching.

    Do you know a time in the game when you logout and relog automatically on a different server? The answer is: when using a stargate! This means that carts now travel through the stars! 🌠

    Ultimate Legends

    The first 2 ultimate legends are live - one on Terra and one on Aerhen!

    Find their altar and start the summoning, then kill the monsters that spawn in the area quickly enough to progress through 6 steps of increasing difficulty. If you don't kill the monsters quickly enough, the progress will reset to the beginning of the current step!

    If you manage to complete the 6th and last step, 2 legends will appear at the same time. Kill them for the best rewards of any legend, but beware: the level of the fight is way higher than anything you've seen so far!

    Bug Fixes

    Of course we have a handful of these as well 😉

    • Divine Rewards now persist at logout.
    • The Primitive Quarterstaff and the Quarterstaff now have their own entry in the Book of Knowledge.
    • Battle Jump now longer breaks Link abilities.
    • Frenzy no longer keeps you in combat mode permanently.
    • Crossing worker lines (i.e. different "servers") in the same world no longer happens to heal you.
    • Necklaces now require as much Dust as 1-handed weapons to be enchanted, as intended. Moreover, they have 2 enchantment slots instead of 1. Primitive weapons also have 2 now.
    • Higher tier properties are now prioritized whe imbuing (if you can imbue a T2 and a T1, the system will always pick the T2 first, if you can imbue it).
    • When checking Buy Orders via the Find function in the marketplace, the Quantity of Buy Orders is now correct instead of always being displayed as 1.
    • Fixed a bug that made some players unable to place buy orders.

  • @Prometheus said in Patch Log - b.0.8f - Starfaring Wagons & Ultimate Legends:

    Moreover, they have 2 enchantment slots instead of 1.

    You mean imbue slots ? 🙂

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    Old habits don't die that easily 😁


    Nice! Gg!

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