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    Hello, Thanks again for Your invitation to play during the test Event, was Fun 😉
    During character creation, the remaing attributes (STR/DEX...) point where left with no indication to reassign it. The only way to put it was to respel the whole attributes from scratch, with a 7 day cooldown. Is it possible in the release to "force" the initial character creation to assign ALL the attributes points before play time ?


    Can you elaborate on this? You should have been able to assign all points at creation. If you went ahead with the character with unused points, thats kind of on you...


    Where to assign those points is strictly on the player. Put them where you want based on the character your making. Left over points to a gladiator for example could go to CON, or even CHA if planning a commander type. Left over points to CON for any character type is rarely a bad idea.

    This isn't an MMO that hold the players hand. Some measure of thought (fore and after) is required.

  • I agree with Jafo, most people will only make this mistake once. With an option to fix it, I would feel like there are more important things to attend to for the Developers.

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    @Multiversal not to mention, you'll probably realize right after you finish making the character, before hitting Enter World that you never alotted some of your points, so it is easy to delete the character and start over, and only takes a couple minutes. f you find out later, you get 1 respect a week right now, during testing, so make such changes.

  • @GamerSeuss I didn't even think about the fact that the character would have no progress, allowing for deletion with no loss. Haha.


    @Junkie Yes, it's on me, my mistake, I though, there will be an advert "Warning not all points for attributes are used", but I was rushing the Free-Test to be able to play, it dosen't change much while I was playing anyway. Thanks again for your effort bringing this funny Game to us.

    Kora 😉

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    @Koraone following your report, such warning has been added and is active from this version.

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