Bug Fixes - September 29, 2022

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    Hello everyone!

    We have a new critical bugfix & quality-of-life patch for you today! It is mostly focused on sieges, but t contains some juicy changes elsewhere as well.

    Get ready, as we’ve got a much bigger feature patch coming in the next days!

    Siege Fixes & Changes

    Below are all the bug fixes specifically related to sieges:

    • Fixed a serious bug with sieges that would only happen with many players connected. This bug caused some operations not to be performed when a siege started. Among them: defender banners not registering with the defending city (the UI would show 0/0 banners for defenders), gates not closing automatically, and players not involved in the siege in the city area not being kicked out.
    • Players who aren’t part of a siege are now moved to the closest city that is claimed and not under siege (just like when selecting Closest City on death) instead of being moved outside of the sieged city.
    • Carts and wagons now become invisible and non-interactable during a siege.
    • Players can no longer send trade, party, guild and settler invites to opponents during a siege.
    • Walls now correctly take damage during a siege
    • Fixed a bug that made it so that attackers weren’t protected from attacks within the siege tent and defenders weren’t protected from attacks within the town hall.
    • It’s no longer possible to sneak through closed doors during a siege.

    Other fixes & changes

    Below are all the other bug fixes and changes:

    • Dashes now work properly if the terrain isn’t flat.
    • Players who go Stealth are no longer visible as semi-transparent to players who aren’t party members. They are now semi-transparent only for 1 second after the spell casting ends, as it was meant to be
    • The 3 largest player houses of Arboreus now have correct names and give the correct amount of prestige.
    • A ton of colliders have been corrected for decorative plants on Arboreus which intercepted mouse clicks and made it hard to click on small monsters or created holes in navigation (the latter wasn’t a bug, but it was annoying, so now you can walk through small plants like small mini-palms)
    • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to delete some buildings in cities. Please note that we’re still working on the “evict citizen” feature for Governors
    • Bleed has been rebalanced. It now lasts for 25 seconds at 100 stacks instead of 50 seconds. Warm and Chilled have also been tweaked for server performance (they now lose 2 stacks every 0.4 seconds instead of 1 every 0.2 seconds–so the total duration is still the same)
    • Commoner Clothes and Hide Armor no longer require a gold fee to be crafted in crafting stations.
    • Added localization for the names of inventory items of some new Arboreus resources(plants).
    • Added icons for most inventory items in-game that still used placeholders
    • Fixed non-walkable stairs in a couple of Grokoton platforms
    • Cassowaries now have a new, much-improved model
    • The lava shader has been changed. Lava now looks different in the volcano of Aerhen (it still has graphical issues though, it’s far from perfect), and now it’s actually lava (and not water...) in the volcano of Terra



    Couldn't remove a couple rocks from the end of bridges could ya? SMH


    Nice QOL changes to sieges.
    Glad to see the house fix, pity I would have to destroy my 3 current houses (and their contents) to place the new house.

  • Content Creator

    @DarthJafo since the maps of Aehren and Terra are procedurally drawn, it can be more difficult to remove a terrain feature than otherwise.

  • Community Manager

    @BeerIsMyFood Stargates are coming soon, hehe. 😉

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