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    Hey there,

    after 50 hrs me and 3 mates gave up on this game and i want to share to the devs why.

    I really wanted to like this game but there is to much grind and awful systems in between the good bits that we just stopped now. My 3 mates i started with didn't really got hooked from the start on, cause of the clunky and unpolished gameplay but i kept saying it'll get better and just keep going.

    I don't talk about the obvious indie game flaws like combat/movement/QoL - i'm sure you hear enough from that. I just talk about what made me, having no problems with these flaws (for now in this state of EA game), quit the game.

    Ability farming was fun. Looking for the spec i want to play, find the mobs and farm them to eventually get the ability is nice. The towns and land plots are well done as well. Building a house with some mates was good and not too grindy.

    But what just let us all leave the game now is:

    1. The enchanting system. I never saw such a boring and exhausting enchanting system. Even with the browser enchanting finder, it was just no fun at all - looking through the inventory through lots of items and find the right "recipe". I would like to have a much more simpler system such as having the enchanting stats written on the item you find. That way you can just sort them by picking them up. Now i pick up enchanting material and have no idea what they are good for.

    2. The armor/weapon crafting system. After 50 hrs we all still run with tutorial armor around (seems like everyone does that). I really don't know why there is such a bad progress system, locking everything behind a massive grind. I understand that really good gear needs to be behind a grind in a sandbox game but if you have no progress at all before that, it just is no fun to play or even start crafting.
      Basic poor plate body armor: 3 coal, 1 charcoal and 5 iron ore just to make 1 (!) iron ingot and you need 8 of them.
      After spending hours to find a plot where we can build a smelter, buy the plot, build a house with smelter and finally start crafting we get hit with this - everyone of us instantly lost all interest in keep grinding/crafting.
      I don't even know how to make my next magic cloth armor. I need ingredients i have no idea where to find. But after that plate armor grind i guess it will take ages until i can start crafting that armor.

    I understand that this is relative, as your group/guild gets bigger. But you need to understand, that alot of people like to play solo or in small groups and the armor/weapon progress in this game is absolut ridicolous and no fun for them.

    I will come back later (propably at release) to give it another try but seeing you guys want to release in a couple months doesn't give me alot of hope, that this game will be for me or my mates.

    Good luck and i hope my feedback is helpful


    This forum seems to be buggy just as the game 🙂 Keep losing "connection to the board" and can't edit my post.
    *edit: Basic poor plate body armor: 3 coal, 1 charcoal and 5 iron ore just to make 1 (!) iron ingot in 5 (!) hrs and you need 8 of them.

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    The release is actually in around 5-6 months going with the actual plans.
    Also, I find strange your comments since typically the critic moved to this game is that it is too fast to reach the cap of equip and there is no more margin for improvement (which is kind of the objective, since this is an horizontal progression game).

    Now, you were faced with plate armors which are for sure the most difficult item to make, but even those become almost trivial later.


    Well i can only tell you that we all lost interest after having the rough state of the game and a, for me, bad system which is no fun and not engaging at all.
    I don't want to touch the enchanting system and i don't want to grind that much for the first armor for my weight class.

    I don't care about problems at the endgame for now. And i don't recommend changing something at endgame (like i said, i understand that endgame gear needs a big grind factor). I just stated, that the early game is no fun to progress in - besides the ability farm and housing.

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    The rough state of the game is partly because although Steam calls this an Early Access game, it is still Closed Beta.

    Also, the game was plagued by a lot of major bugs in the opening weekend.

    Finally, this is a niche game, and one of the niche elements people want is the less focus on progression over variety, and the enchanting system is probably my favorite part of the game, bar none.

    No game is for everyone, however, and so if that's your spin on it, more power too you


    ya, i think your right, this game was promised as a non grind game, but instead you get a huge amount of grind, but no progression at all, the game feel static, the gear is too few and very hard to obtain...
    the horizontal progression, is just stupid, it do not feel fun at all....
    in albion the grind was same as here, but at least you felt like achieving somthing, here its just stalemate.


    The farm isnt overly bad once you know where to go with 3 people going around together it probaly only take 20-30 hours to max out a character. Some mobs are a little harder to do simply cause waiting on respawns like shamans but other than that you can get all the other more abundant mobs/camps rather quickly with 3 people.


    @grofire I do think the items used to craft the gear along with a bunch of the crafting mats needed to be increased slightly especialy if they expect people to play red from time to time. otherwise all ur red players will be running around in primitive cloths 😛

    Weapons are fine since they dont take rare mats to crafts so there fairly easy come and go but some build require armor bonuses which put thems in a terrible position if they go red, not to mention killing a red player and just getting primitive clothing isnt rewarding either considering ur risking the loot you been farming which is usualy alot more than 100g worth of clothes 😛


    @Battlex said in Feedback after 50 hrs:

    This forum seems to be buggy just as the game 🙂 Keep losing "connection to the board" and can't edit my post.
    *edit: Basic poor plate body armor: 3 coal, 1 charcoal and 5 iron ore just to make 1 (!) iron ingot in 5 (!) hrs and you need 8 of them.

    most people get a housing plot and put 8-16 smelters on it though so not to bad once u get that going.


    @Veeshan that is part of the problem, i play solo, and to max you need x10 more time then 3 players....
    this game is not solo friendly at all.

  • @grofire It isn't meant to be solo friendly. It is meant to be played by groups of friends and large over powered guilds. Being a lone wolf is possible, will just take a lot of effort and commitment. Which is basically saying you need to grind your ass off.


    @Junkie why do you think this game was not meant to be solo friendly?
    i was here long time before the kickstarter, and it was promised by the dev that this game will fit all styles, solo especially...
    so if you do not know what you talking about, its better not say anything.

  • @grofire your kickstarter doesn't mean anything if you don't play the game. the original vision has changed significantly. get with the times. lets not play who can gatekeep better...


    @Junkie you saying that, the game that i have help generating players for, under the assumption it will include all playstyles, somthing that was promised multiple times from dev, now just isn't for me anymore, and i should leave since you, someone who joined 5 month ago, think that this game is not meant for solo players.
    so no im not going to leave, im going to keep shouting how much this game in this state is sh*t, and you probably the kind of players, that will drive it to die...
    and just to make sure you understand, 80% of MMORPG players usually play solo.

  • @grofire Well good luck with I guess. I will be here helping players and not being an entitled c*nt. All the best to you.


    This post is deleted!

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