Are Melee Fighters Viable...?

  • I know the game is still in Al... Beta stage and there are bugs everywhere but I still think some balancing needs to be done. I have been trying melee fighter builds for a couple of tests(Str/Dex/Per, Str/Dex/Con builds) and I feel like the "Gladiator" background, or melee fighters, are not viable in the current state of the game. Here is a quick list why this is the case:

    • The damage output of fighters(not the tanks) are not even comparable with with archers, mages and rogue classes.
    • They do not have a range advantage like archer and mages.
    • They are too item dependent(metal weapons are a must).
    • It is impossible to do any solo PvE content unlike mages and archers.
    • Most of the mobs have much higher physical resistances compared to their elemental ones.
    • Most of the mobs hit hard whereas archers and mages can kite infinitely without taking any damage.
    • In the current test, most of the mobs(interestingly) apply poison and this is a bit cumbersome to deal with especially in the early game.

    These are some of my thoughts on the melee fighter class and I believe they need some love so that they can be viable again.


    Melee is hard to gear but once geared they are very viable especially in PvP.


    Full plate plus greatsword and gladiators work very well. Can't quite solo a whole bunch but that's where skill points come in.

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    My sister, @StormBug plays almost exclusively a Melee character, and she has had very little trouble solo'ing. She's still in starter gear, so she's not exactly taking on Spider Liches solo, but she can fight as well as a mage can in most situations. She does stupidly brave very well!

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