Great and fun game, but terrible experience in first 2 hours!

  • Hi,

    In general I'm enjoying the beta. I did have quite a bad experience at the start of the game made me really upset and annoyed for pretty much no reason and it was so easy to avoid.

    Finished tutorial and landed in Myr. Excited i literally just ran straight ( as there was no quests/missions or anything that the game asked me to do) ran into some coal mines. Fought some mobs.

    I found my EQ is full quite quickly so - Time to head to a town, find a market, a bank..

    now - where is the town? Zooming in and out of the map not seeing anything that stands out. Running from one destination to another, probably for an hour or so, next thing I know im exhausted. At this point I'm just pissed. Hp going down.. All I want is a town.. I'm not a good writer so I won't get into detail and try to explain how frustrating it was - I really have no idea why is there nothing on the map to indicate where the starter towns are. I know that most people will check the map when transferring and try to find a town in the first place, but one in 20 will not and might just quit out of frustration.

    Also there was no indication on how to find small stone which was a pain and after a few hours i still wasn't sure how to get hold of Planks.

    Im about to log in so hopefully I will acquire the knowledge very soon : )

    Anyway, I like the game, but PLEASE improve the map, as it is lacking!

  • @Contucky Hello hero Contucky,

    Cities must first be founded by players.
    According to my information, there are already some on the coast.

    Little stones are little stones.
    They are scattered everywhere, more often in areas with stone deposits and are roughly gray balls in the ground.

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    Fractured promotes discovery, and thus, it doesn't auto-map the Starter Towns, and most other hotzones need to be discovered, and player cities need to be founded. They don't worry about marking the starter cities because your only really expected to rely on them in the very beginning, by either remembering where you go relatively speaking, and if all else fails, dying and respawning at the town. Otherwise, you can get lost, and that is intentional.

    Small stones just look like small stones in the grass, sometimes obscured, but if you mouse over them, it says Small Stone.

    As to your backpack and your fill up of goods, right now, there isn't a huge market for what you can just scrounge, so at most, you'll be banking said supplies in the town bank, not marketing them.

    As to Planks, any refined wood requires a woodworking craft station, and that is one that I believe isn't even in the Starter Towns, so will have to wait until you get to a player town that has built one. You can get branches off most trees(unless someone else has recently cleared them off) and for logs, you need to build an Axe to harvest them (and there's a known bug going on right now where you can't always get the logs anyway)

    I'm sorry you didn't have a great experience, but one of the things Fractured is all about is learn as you go, not spoon feeding you very much. There isn't going to be Quests in the main game, this is a Sandbox, non-questdriven MMO. The only Quests we're really supposed to be getting are the ones on Tutorial Island.


    I mean..its day 2 of the beta...i mean the latest Alpha. I thought the first day went pretty well. I was on for literally 9 hours. Glaring issues aside (logs falling through the map, settlers bug, no flax/fiber at all on Ahern...basically Ahern is just a buggy mess) I had a great time.

    The tutorial island had you picking up small stones specifically in the first couple steps. If you didn't do the tutorial well that's a whole other issue


    God I hate mouse combat. As a mage I love clicking to attack my target and accidently charge in for hand to hand!!

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    @dracokalen They are 100% commited to mouse combat as the way they want Fractured to work. It's been discussed to death in other threads. It is the feel they want for the game.

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    @dracokalen attack with RMB not LMB.

  • @dracokalen
    Im so lame at it now, but i feel long term is something that you can definitely get used to and master slowly

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