Stag headdres


    This item gives +1 inteligence and is medium armor at once so basically does not allow you to cast any magical spell 🙂

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    @Jacenson That's not a bug, all the Animal Head helmets are non-casting armor. A +1 to Int can be used for more than casting.

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    And medium armor does not prevent casting.


    @spoletta I mean most magic spells

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    Yeah, you can't use the light armor spells.

    I have used that headdress a lot, it is made more for archers than for mages.

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    i really hate the fact that all headdress are made only for medium armor chars. they look and feel amazing (and have nice stats/effects) and it feels wrong not being able to use them as a light/heavy player. if the problem is that it would be "unbalanced" that light/heavy skills users benefit from those extra stats 8which IMO is not) then there should be a light/heavy version of those headdress but with different stats which do not feel "unbalanced/OP".


    I agree, I'd like to be able to use the Stag Headress as a magic caster. I don't think it'd be unbalanced, tbh.

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    @ELPerro Rough animal armor, like the Headresses, are traditionally Medium-type armor. They restrict things like field of vision, they are heavier than a cloth hood, thus restricting movement and causing some head strain.

    They are also not heavy armor because bone and raw-hide is just not as dense and durable as metal armor can be. They can be reinforced some, but the more you reinforce them, the more you lose the wild quality of the armor.

    I just makes sense that all headdresses fall under the medium armor category. Now, as far as cosmetics go, you should be able to get some cosmetic skins to make your armor look better once the game goes live, as cosmetics are the only things that are going to be available for real-world gold according to the Devs.

    The game doesn't need to make everything available at all levels, in this case, it makes sense that these are only for this niche.

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    @GamerSeuss Well, i really understand what you are trying to say, but i do not think this is the right way to discuss this topic with this argumentation. With this logic we could also arg that a lot of Shaman mages "traditionally" also wear animal headresses and they of course use light or no armor at all.

    "hey restrict things like field of vision, they are heavier than a cloth hood, thus restricting movement and causing some head strain."
    By this logic then the wolf headreass should not give any "DEX" as it makes you slower and restrict your sight and senses, right? and in this game many archers use medium armors (hunter/rogue/hide sets, etc), so they would not want those "restrictions", right? do you follow what i mean?
    Also any of the animal skins could be on a metallic helm and so be heavy too.

    In short it makes no sense to judge the utility of the headresses by "lore" or "real facts" because then the stats provided by them would not make any sense nor anything what i discussed above.

    IMO of course.

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    @ELPerro I agree, something like an animal headdress would fit a Shaman Archetype, however, they have not introduced a Shaman Archetype yet. Shamans would have specific magical power sets, that would probably be spells usable in Medium Armor, as Shamans would wear Hides and Headdresses more than any kind of cloth typically anyway.

    As to the Wolf's Head giving a Dex bonus, any stat bonuses are thought to be animal spirit-related mystical bonuses, and thus defy the logic of the gear they are on. Otherwise, why would you get an Intelligence bonus just for wearing a Stag head?

    Eventually, the game may add in some more Archetypes for the game, shoot, they only added the Archer and the Cutthroat recently, before that, we only had Barbarians and Arcanists (which would be more scholastic mages, not clerica/druidic/shamanic)

    I expect, if they add in a Shaman Archetype (and mayhaps that will come when the promised Bard Archetype is introduced) they will start with some "heal other" type base spells, some Buffs, and even some kind of partial wild-shape ability, like Bear Claws, as well as having some kind of Spell Channeling weapon added that is more Fetish-related than a magical staff or wand.

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