Would tents be a viable inclusion?

  • I feel a tent system would fit nicely into the aesthetic of the game. It could add a few more primitive crafting options and allow those that roam the wilderness a bit more independence. Any suggestions as to extra mechanics?

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    Indeed an idea to discuss about.
    There was such an idea before, so you have for sure people who follow your idea, including me 🙂
    The Devs also took up this idea in the past to "think about", what ever that means.


    Good idea. Place to log out in the wilderness.


    Make it cost 20 logs, 20 cloth, 10 rope, and 10 stone blocks (for the fireplace to heal death debt) and I could see it being reasonable.
    Not too cheep that people just do it all the time.
    Not so expensive that it would be unreasonable for a group to gather or travel with.


    I like this idea.
    Personally, I really miss the individual plots of land out in the wilderness, and this would allow for that same feeling without messing with 'The Economy' or anything



    I agree.


    Very good idea!

    This Tent station could act as a first home, before you commit to land in a territory


    i would like to see a whole campsite system. Scalable/upgradable of course. Starts with a campfire of course which would only allow energy to be filled. Next upgrade would be a tent that would allow health to be fixed after death instead of having to run all the way back to a city.

    Obviously in addition to the wood and stone it would require animal hides.

    further could be upgraded to something like a portable crafting station to cure hides etc. although that might be a bit much

  • I like where this is going! Fleshing out some good ideas I think


    Sadly, this does create the very real problem of players persistently camping a mob spawn site instead of a constant rotation or more organized, dedicated, extended campaign to achieve an objective...
    I can definitely see why the devs might not want to allow it.
    Think of it like a rogue lite game, you progress as far as you can with a certain set of skills, equipment, and strategies. Get to a point of no further progress. Learn from the experience, go back to the start, and have another try at it.
    While having a refresh point part way into the run would diminish the effort and accomplishment of the eventual victory.

    I'm going to have to retract my previous support and instead say that it would be better to have a consumable that 'emergency teleports' you back home, so you can at least reduce the time spent trekking back. It would also be good for real life events that require you to log off in the middle of a hostile area.
    maybe restrict its use to once every 12 hours? to curb abuse?
    and some thing to also prevent you from using it to do 'fast travel trading'


    @OlivePit I agree, and maybe lost 50% ramdomly of the stuff in the inventary would be definetly broke fast travel trading Or/and not allow's to travel with gather resources as ingots and planks.


    This post is deleted!

  • I think a cooldown on the ability to spawn in the camp would help. Or have a resurrection sickness type of debuff. Another option could be only camping in predetermined spots, similar to land claims. That would cut down on the free roaming living off the land feeling of it all, but could prevent mob camping.


    Would also need to be a higher cost. 10 of each for just a campfire seems a little steep honestly, But with the tent would raise it to 20 of each plus 20 hides. This would make it more cumbersome to use due to gathering needs and weight restriction. Could further be limited by each party member needing to contribute a few of each piece to activate.

    Also allow that it can only be used with a party of say at least five (what is the max party size anyway?) and only one use per hour or so. This way its only useful once, maybe twice tops because farming the same mob gets tedious after awhile.

    Another potential solution would be a timed instance. 30-60 minutes, maybe 5 instances allowed at one time. This would help in many ways. Load on the sever as the instance would be shunted to a VM for example. Reduces the number of people in a given area, which we saw in the Event is basically unplayable with to many people around.

    There's a myriad of other ways it COULD be done without breaking the system. And lets be real..its not all that game breaking because most towns arent all that far away where you can't find at least one fireplace to rest at.

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