Unable to find solo housing

  • Whats up people its been a while I decided to come back and se the state of the game Ive been running around looking for a solo plot but it seems like they all disappeared since the first time I played a while back. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction or were they removed for the alphas and only city housing exists.

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    The housing system saw some changes since the last time you played.
    Houses are now in residential areas, which are tied to a city, even if some of them are quite far from a city.

    All the map is divided in regions, one city per region. The city develops a tech tree, which allows it to build stuff like smelters, tanning tubes, walls, catapults and so on.

    Players have 2 ways to access that technology. The first one is the old one, you apply to become a citizien of that city, and if the governor accepts you, then you have access to all the facilities of the city.
    There is a second method now. You just get a plot somewhere inside that region, and your plot will have all the technologies developed by the city of that region. So if the city can build smelters, so can your plot. You require no authorization from the governor to do this, and you can't be "evicted".

    This new system was implemented to allow solo players that don't want to integrate in a city, to still have access to the full content. We had this for a few tests, and it works quite well.

  • For the second method how do I find those plots ? I have ran through a few citys and scene empty plots but I have no idea how to claim one.

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    @KingofKings said in Unable to find solo housing:

    For the second method how do I find those plots ? I have ran through a few citys and scene empty plots but I have no idea how to claim one.

    same question. I found free plots, but i could not place any house (blueprint).

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    When you step over an empty plot, you will get an icon looking like this:


    Click on it and you will be able to claim the plot.


    Inside the roped area and house icon pops up.
    claiming housing plot.png

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    ah ok. I completely missed that XD


    I missed that too. Questions:
    Do players have to purchase those plots if they are a citizen?
    If you are a solo player not aligned with a city (purchase a house in the region), and the city is seiged can you lose your house?


    I had to purchase after becoming a citizen this past weekend. IDK about the 2nd part

    Also not sure if plots will all cost the same. I.E, will my founders Palace plot cost the same as a villa? Guessing not.


    If you are a citizen you can purchase the housing plots inside of the city walls which are specifically priced by the governor.
    Anyone... Including your worst enemy who plans on using the house as a staging location to attack the city from... Can purchase a house plot outside of the city walls and leech off of the tech that the city has, and have pvp immunity on their plot.

    If a city is successfully sieged the houses inside of the city walls are lost -destroyed we think- while the houses outside are like 'oh new management, we still getting the same perks tho right? cool, cool.

    The new rulers of the town can change the researched tech and taxes on using crafting stations within the city... but other than that there is no effect on those living outside...
    Well... the new owners -could- just sack all of the chests and not pay upkeep and let the town degrade one rank a week... but what a waste.

    The 'founders palace' or other building blueprints are restricted by plot size. The plots outside of town are 4x4... i think... with a specific technology the rulers could make 5x5 or 6x6??? plots within the town, which is what you -might- need for the palace... but i'd doubt it.

    The more you invest into a town, the more you stand to potentially gain, or loose.

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