General feedback + a lot of ideas of almost 2 years testing Fractured

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    There we go with unprovoked namecalling again....why does someone always have to do that...even Fanboy is negative and derogatory.

    I don't want the game to be 100% combat/fighting, BUT having played these games for over 43 years (I'm counting tabletop, which inspired all MMOs) I realize that the mainstay of the game is conflict resolution. That is the game part of it. That is the challenge.

    Do I think Fractured is no means, it still needs a lot of work, HOWEVER I think that it is one of the least grindy games out there. I also don't say 'amen' to anything (Never heard of aman?!? so I'm assuming) as I am not religious...

    I have been quite critical of the game in the past, believe it or not, BUT I've had faith in the developers dreams about what they want the game to be. I cannot stand AO and found it totally boring. I also hated WoW, but I love EverQuest, and Old School RuneScape just to name a couple games out there, especially EQ on a classic progressive server.

    I think Fractured needs to set itself apart. I think it needs to keep its dedication to as much horizontal over vertical character improvement as possible. I think that NPCs should be kept to a minimum, or in fact, none at all. I want as much equal encouragement and support for PvE Solo play as there is for PvP and Guild play. I want city development, and varied mobs, and crafting options, however, right now, I do in fact think they are on the right track with many of these things, and others we're not seeing yet because we're still busy working on what we are seeing.

    Right now, Fractured doesn't feel at all like playing AO, and that is a huge win in my book. Let's remember, though, people, that we're all here to see the game improve and become the best game it can be, while still firmly giving the experience so many of us signed up for and backed it around.


    @grofire May I ask what is your vision in that regard?
    Apart from fights, trade, pve, forming nations and other content like that which requires competition, what do you expect from a game like Fractured?


    @GamerSeuss i didn't meant in a derogatory manner, but yes it seems your always defending the game, and pushing criticism a way, even a constrictive one.
    @spoletta my vision of the game isn't so much different from yours, its just that the game isn't containing anything from you said:
    fight: assuming PVP, its not a fair fight, we back to zergling. maybe it will be better with the demon planet.
    trade: didn't see any trade going on, maybe since only well organized teams can use higher level materials and they usually self contained.
    PVE: not fun, since the changes to the firecamp. solo is slow, unrewarding slag fest. as a group its ok.
    forming nation: maybe i should talk about city's, one of the worst parts of the game today, its forced on players, have no extra content, other then gatekeeping of higher level equipment.
    if all this have been in the game, in a good manner, its probably been ready for beta.
    there is much more, but i have already talked about that in past topics, and i feel the dev isn't here to listen.


    Ok, so we want the same things from this game. Then it is just a matter of refining those aspects until they properly work.

    I agree with you that they are barely working right now, but test after test they are getting better.


    @spoletta i actually think thing gone less good from test to test.
    the campfire change, the town changes and the progression, all was better in previous tests.


    I disagree with that, but this isn't the thread for such discussion.


    @spoletta I disagree with that one, this thread and any other thread is where any discussion should be had.

    I also agree with the campfire change was wrong. Course maybe adding some limits like each fire can only be used once to reset your HP back to max of what it can be for each player.

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    This thread completely lost me at "One character shouldn't be able to craft everything"


    @CrispyChipotle I also do not agree with that, the way the game is now, that doesn't make sense; nor does it make sense to even add a crafting talent tree now. If the dev's didn't already plan for that, it shouldn't be added just cause a few players want it; I know that I don't want it and I have never heard anyone else complain of that before this OPer did. Anyone should be able to craft anything if they have access to the materials and crafting stations.

    Most of his other suggestions/ideas were also BS as well. Especially for the trading, it is too early for the devs to be doing anything about trading at this stage.

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