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    Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions for those that have never played before. This is not intended as a how-to but just a quick rundown of the most frequently asked and answered questions I have seen in the chat window.

    Small Stones: You can find them on the ground. The can be hard to see though. There are also large stone blocks; those are something different though.

    Branches: These are found in trees. When you click on a tree you have the option to gather branches or cut down the tree. If you cut down the tree you get logs.

    Banks: Banks in Fractured work a great deal like real banks. You can put cash (gold) into them and withdraw it at any other bank. However, any item you place inside a bank (just like if you used a safety deposit box) must be withdrawn from the same bank you placed it in.

    Gems: You can find gems when mining various ores. For instance if you mine coal you can find diamonds. Gems also drop from a select few monsters.

    Hunger/Fatigue/Health/Mana: Those funny little gauges in the top left of the screen, those are what they are. The farthest left with the tiny stomach symbol under it is Hunger. To fill it up you eat. Next, the lightning Bolt, is Fatigue. You must rest at a campfire, tavern, or home fireplace to fill this up. Fatigue is caused by everyday activities as well as some spells. The red bar is Health and the Blue bar is Mana. You can heal by resting, using bandages, or a spell. There are no potions to get mana back and resting may not bring it back to full; time will do it however.

    Horses: To catch a horse you must have a net. Sometimes it take more than one net. To make nets first craft rope and then go to your “Consumables” crafting menu and look for nets. Once you have your nets drag them to your hot bar. Find a wild horse and cast your net on it. Once you have succeeded click on the horse to tame it. Horses are everywhere; go and look for them, and good luck.

    Carts and Ore: Carts must be crafted and come in two sizes, a hand cart and a larger cart that can only be pulled be a horse. The only items that can be placed in the carts are the various ores, coal, charcoal, stone blocks (not to be confused with small stones) and logs. When you join a city you will gain access to bagged proteins and cereals for paying city upkeep and these go in carts as well but are not something you will run into right away. You cannot live out of a cart of either size as no object other than those I just mentioned can be placed in the carts.

    A Plot of Land: To purchase your own property simply walk onto an available lot and look for the house icon in the bottom right of the screen. Click on it and if you have enough gold you can purchase the land. There are different sizes of plots from 2x2 up to 5x5 and the price varies. There are also plots inside city limits and outside of the city proper.

    Purple Damage: The only way to heal when you have been Purpled (when a portion of your health bar has turned purple) is to sleep at a Tavern or fireplace in a Home. Sleeping at a campfire only heals the red health bar. A portion of your red health bar turns purple when you get knocked out. If your entire health bar turns purple, you die. Now if you hear someone say “I’ve been Purpled!” you will understand what they mean.

    Fleshing Beam: It's the wooden pole right outside the shop indicated by the tutorial waypoint.

    Crafting Stations: Please note that several crafting stations come with the option to change the ingredients that you are going to use. For instance when you open a forge it might appear that it requires "Blood Iron" and you wonder, "How do I get Blood Iron?" but you don't really need Blood Iron. Just click on it and it will open a panel that lets you select various types of metal including the lower level Iron or copper. Blood Iron is actually an advanced metal and not something a starting player need concern themselves with. Try this out on other crafting stations and see what you can discover.

    I hope this information helps some of the newcomers. If there is any other “basic” information that should be added to this post please let me know and I will add it.

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    You forgot the most asked question in the chat.

    Where is the flashing beam?: It's the wooden pole right outside the shop indicated by the tutorial waypoint.


    @spoletta Added and thank you 🙂

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    I would also add another one which is very confusing.

    Where can I get blood Iron?: You DON'T need blood Iron. Blood Iron is a very advanced material and is definitely something you shouldn't bother with, at least for a while. All the recipes that ask for Blood Iron, ask for it just because it is the ingot that comes first in alphabetic order, but if you click on the Blood Iron Ingot in the recipe, it will allow you to switch that material for other types of metals.

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    also, you forgot to mention Logs can be put in Carts, not just ore and stones. This is also true of bagged protein and cereals for paying city upkeeps


    @spoletta @GamerSeuss

    Updated! Thank you for the info.

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