Question regarding crafting on plots outside a city.


    How are players that purchase plots outside the city supposed to craft higher tier materials and armor if they do not have access to the relevant buildings required to build regular and advanced craft stations. Also is the game only designed to have a limited quantity of crafters?

    What prevents other players from taking the materials from a refinery (smeltery, tanning tub) in the city when it is completed after x hours if it is open to all citizens.

    Will the areas outside the city be upgraded to a town allowing players to build blacksmith/carpentry buildings, etc?

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    @Dax Right now, house plots not connected to a city settlement do not have the ability to upgrade at all. This may or may not change.

    Also right now, there is nothing stopping the swiping of finished goods, in fact there is a hot topic or 6 about that elsewhere on the forums.

    The game is designed so everyone can craft. You do however need certain available crafting stations to finish products, and the game is designed to limit how quickly such products can be produced overall. That's part of why there's such a long refining process for metal and leather.


    @Dax If your plot of land is right outside of a city you will have the same access to the level of crafting stations that the city has. For example I live outside the city of Atrium and can build Advanced Smelters. This is because Atrium has unlocked Advanced Smelters. As far as I know the only way you won’t be able to advance, when your plot is located outside of a city, is if the city is stagnate.

    Also, like @GamerSeuss said, you can find several discussions about solving the theft of crafted goods from work stations. One of the newest is here


    @StormBug Thanks for the info, I guess I needed to join an active city. I tried joining Blue Army but with no luck, also i'm assuming you need to be a citizen of the city to have access to the different advancements. as I have a plot but no access to crafting buildings or advanced refineries.


    @GamerSeuss Hey, Thanks for the info. I really don't mind the long craft times, I play games like Wurm and Wild Terra. I was just a bit disheartened when I realized I needed to be in a city to refine, and there were limited plots. I don't expect to refine/craft everything, but it would be nice to provide mats to other players.

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    @Dax a resident gets access to all the technologies of the city. You don't need to be a citizien. As a solo player you can craft anything.

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    @Dax As far as access to in-town stations, that currently can be set by the governor of the town. I think they just changed it to varying the tax you pay to build depending on if your a Citizen, a Resident, or a Visitor.

    They are still playing around with some of the City specifics between testing, so keep the feedback coming. Even if someone (such as I) disagrees with you go ahead and make your case for things. I know I can be pretty defensive of the Devs and at times, my own opinion might seem like I want to invalidate someone else's, but truly, all feedback is good.


    @GamerSeuss @spoletta Thanks a lot for the info guys, really appreciate it. Also, Seuss, I will keep that in mind when giving feedback.

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