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    I am looking to find out what you think is an appropriate penalty for a player killer with (10) murders upon death. I would like to see your responses. Please do not respond to other people's perspective, but rather what you think would be a fair and balanced penalty for that player killer.

    Question: What kind of penalty should a Player Killer (PK) have after dying with 10 murders counts?

    Question: Do you intend to make a Player Killer (PK)?

    Answer: I think the PK should perma-lose 5% of their health upon every death and undergo the current bounty/jail system that has been implemented.

    Answer: Yes.

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    Assuming that you intend killing 10 blue players, then he is in deep red karma. That's 24 hours of jail, which seems reasonable. Consider that if he kills even just one guy after he is out of jail, he is again deep into red, so 24 hours more. Karma doesn't reset after getting out of jail, it just freezes.

    No, I'm not going to play a PK. Last time I played a bounty hunter,


    I presume this is about syndesia.

    A1: I think that the current system of real hours spent in prison or cash bail is fine. I think it would work better if they increase the max to 48 hours. I do think that the gold coin cost for early bail could be increased if it does not seem like much of a disincentive, easy to balance that in game play tho.

    A2: No.

  • Well written post and question:

    1. Yes i will play a player killer AND a bounty hunter on launch. Considering I paid for 3 total character slots at nearly the most expensive package i believe i deserve these options.

    2. I disagree with a permanent health loss. To me i think that a scale of Player Kills should scale on a bail penalty. Such as 1-10 kills is 2 days in jail or 5000 gold. 11-20 kills is an entire week in jail or 20,000 gold. Something like that.

    The other idea i had which to me also seems totally appropriate is a loss of knowledge points. Which would some what cripple the character until they built the points back up.

    Its nice to see a post where people are actually sharing their ideas instead of spending a half hour writing up every single counter point to your original post and sounding like a bunch of know it all d-bags.

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    @BitterLoD Because of how Knowledge Points work, I don't see a KP loss as a viable option.

    Each creature only provides a finite number of KP. Once at 100%, they are done. Each discovery is worth only a 1 time KP award, then done, and each Lost Tale is worth a 1 time KP award then done. So, unlike Experience, a KP loss would be permanent, or some kind of arbitrary roll back of beasts or something would have to occur.

    As to the time in jail, as has been stated, taking people out of the game for long periods of time is not going to go over well. As I'm not a PvP player, I'm okay with the system, but almost all the other PvPers were up in arms when it was suggested.

  • @GamerSeuss I suppose thats a fair point. However whats so wrong with restricting them to lost tails only?
    Sounds like you where most of the pk's would be hanging out correct?
    I dont like the idea of tossing people in jail forever, but people wouldn't they would be forced to pay a bail, and when your playing an mmo you dont like to give up your gold. So therefore they would have to seriously consider if pking is worth it. I'd bet it would cut out at least 75 percent of the reds right off the bat. And if you have aggressive bounty hunters it would continue to limit them.

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    @BitterLoD Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the time in jail, myself, but the community already had a major conniption about it before.

    As to the whole "How about restricting it to just Lost Tales" for the KP loss...but what if the PKer in question hasn't done any Lost Tales yet. They still can only get 1 of each Lost Tale (unless as you mentioned, they had to redo 1) but they would need to lose KP from one of the other sources they got their current KP from. I guess you could make it so Lost Tales had no limit, but the Devs already said they don't want to do that at all. They specifically don't want to build the KP system as just an alternative to Exp, so I don't see them doing another Exp based penalty and painting it over KP.

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    Being red in this coming alpha already comes with massive limitations compared to the previous one.
    The loot thing is one, but also don't forget that now a red can't use inns, banks and shrines of the other cities. This means that you will see them operating mostly in the close vicinity of their city. From the description on the blog, I'm not even sure if they can use the city marketplaces!


    Good question w lots of thoughtful feedback!
    With the proviso that this is strictly about Syndesia, and implemented once the PvP haven is online:

    1. I like the idea of losing KP once a PK's murder rate hits a certain level. It's like, 'yeah, you got my loot, but now you're STUPIDER than you already were" 😆
      Yes, it would be permaloss because you can only 100% critters one time. That would be a serious discourager of career assassins on Syndesia, which I love to see. And a funny situation where cretinous murderous thugs roam the backroads, getting popped by talented folk like me 🤣

    2. Hell to the no

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