Player Killer Penalties

  • I read the most recent ideas regarding how to better balance player killing within the human world of Fractured.
    Full loot to me is one of the reasons that I enjoy games like fractured.
    I believe that random loot drops, or reduction of loot drops to me is not a realistic way to address this issue.
    I also don't like how this system mirrors other mmo's.

    There are so many ways to penalize a player killing character. Here are some of my thoughts/ideas:

    -Knowledge Loss. A player killer upon resurrection could loose some of their overall knowledge base upon resurrection.
    -Heavier Bounty Hunter bail. More player kills by a player could dramatically increase their time in jail and bail.
    -Penalty on account for using city forges increased by 25% or sliding scale by how bad their reputation is.
    -Allow bounty hunters to know the Player Killers last kill location in global chat.
    -Increase housing taxes by 50% due to poor neighborhood reputation.
    -Player Killers remain dead and cannot be ressed for a few days.

    Any of these are better to me than mirroring other MMO's and for no logical reason having a victim drop random loot. Just doesn't seem to make sense to me.

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    @BitterLoD as with all things, those penalties are a test. If they work they remain, if they don't work, they don't. Easy.

    We already tried going the way of harsher bounties and jail times though, and it didn't work.

    Also, penalty on forges isn't needed. They already can't use them. They can use only the forges in criminal cities.

    Knowledge loss would be very hard to implement. They are not experience points.

    House taxes are extremely cheap. Increasing them would hardly be a penalty.

    Temporary true death would fail for the same reason that long jail times failed. You try to avoid features that make a player not play the game.

    Believe me, there have been a lot of discussion on possible penalties, and what you proposed isn't new. Let's try this solution, if it doesn't work, then we try other ideas.


    Loot drops won't be what you think it will be. The system they have now for damage and wear and tear on items most the stuff won't be worth picking up. There isn't a repair system so most items are meant to be replaced often.



    How about perma health loss? Right now, if a player dies they can sit by a forge/fire and regain their health loss. I think a great penalty would be that the player killer loses health permanently (10%, 20%, 30% debatable), which ultimately leads to re-rolling another character. This game is built around the commodity of time. When players are pk'd they ultimately lose time (gathering resources & crafting gear), when a pk dies their time in building a character will be lost.

    Health loss is already part of the game, implementing it for a player character wouldn't require many changes.

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    @FLeaLoD I think perma-death, even if it takes a few falls, with perma-gradual weakening would lead to riots. That's almost as bad as keeping them from playing with enforced jail time (in fact, I think the jail time would go over better)

    A player should have the option of re-rolling a character as it were, at any time, but should never be forced into doing so. That is more of an ultimate hard core mode that people need to voluntarily enter into, not be forced into. Just being PvP on the Partial PvP world should not be sufficient to 'volunteer' them.

  • @BitterLoD said in Player Killer Penalties:

    -Allow bounty hunters to know the Player Killers last kill location in global chat.

    This Idea doesn't seem to bad, unless it has already been tryed out. Though one could possibly improve this, by having PKers leave an spotable Trail, which becomes thicker and thicker the more Kills he claims. So that Bounty Hunters become able to allmost find the PKer without too much trouble. If the Bounty on the PKer also increases for each Kill close to exponential, it should realy draft in the Bounty Hunters, since theyd be both able to locate and gain quite a lot from said Bounty.
    I of course neither know whether this already has been tested by some means, or whether this would ruin some aspect of the game.
    Also I'm very sorry for any misspellings and or gramatical errors, as one can easily guess, I'm no nativ speaker 😄
    Now have a good one

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