We need NFT's

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    Lets step it up and throw a massive wrench into development ..

    The space is whats now im afraid games without will get left behind


    Please explain why you feel this is necessary. I , and probably others, do not see the need.

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    I neither need, nor want NFTs in Fractured. Further, I don't think most of us long time supporters really want them either...just because a rather small group of people on the gaming circuit think that they are the way of the future doesn't mean that they really are.

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    Agree. I don't really see that big of a gain in implementing them, especially considering the dev work involved in that.


    Personally I like NFT's for 2 reasons

    1. it brings an earning mechanic in for Players who put in the long hours, and make the extra effort to earn the higher level unqiues.

    2. it provides additional options for the players who have money but not time, who still want to enjoy the game as much as they can.

    An example might be;
    A guild may get together and build a JUNGLE themed town, using Blueprints they purchased from the Fractured store (so they get their cut), but the creativity, the time, the effort in building it, was all done by the guild.
    They then Register that on the game server as an NFT (registration fee based on size of object) and place it on the marketplace. Another Guild made up of predominately businessmen who like to play for a 10hrs a week, get together and put up the money to buy that NFT.
    They now have a cool Town for their Guild to use, that didnt require the hundreds of hours to build.
    and down the track if they feel they are not using it as much as they thought they would, they can put it back up for sale.

    AND the Guild that DID do all that effort making it, now have the funds to either buy some unique cosmetics, or do a recruitment drive... or even upgrade their home computers.

    Personally I see NFT's can be a good way to bridge the gap between those who have Time but no money, those that have Money but no Time... and the many levels in between.

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    @SpaceWhor3 The stated goal of the Developers is to keep the Cosmetics as really the only cash paid for items in game. And thus, keep them off of alternative marketplaces. The cosmetics then will all be set to no-trade/no-sell status.
    They further have said that they want individuals and groups to put in the time to get things, not be able to just buy their way into it. Sure, they can go to the marketplace and buy an item that was made/enchanted by another, as long as it is new, but without cosmetics, and as always, items have a durability, this is to keep the player run economy going. They don't intend to have players crafting, buying, or selling cosmetics, or related items, so NFTs would in no way fit the aesthetics of Fractured in the least.

    They don't want people to have shortcuts like that, and as there aren't going to be Higher Level Uniques in the game, the whole NFT economy breaks down.



    That sounds a lot like EVE, which this has no intention of being.

    Fractured does have trading of bulk resources with which teams use to build large things (walls, town buildings) which is probably as close as you'll get.

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