Family System and Account-Based Alignments

  • The alignment system and its possible consequences/exploits are constantly being discussed both in the forums and on Discord. It is still an issue to be tested multiple times in order to obtain a balanced system. I have suggestion that might ease some of the problems: Family System.

    Just like in Black Desert Online(BDO), the characters you create are bound to a "Family" (The family system only applies to human characters, so there might be different applications for beastmen and demon alts). In the current version of the game, your characters share the same guild, but players cannot know who that character belongs to. Furthermore, if that character is not in a guild, there is no way to tell anything about that new character. With the family system, players will know whose alt that character is and they can decide their attitude towards that player directly. One more important thing about this family system is that, now, players' alignment status are Family based. So, an evil player cannot create a good character and reap the benefits of the good alignment and continue his assault on other players with those benefits.

    I think this system would reduce the potential exploits and imbalances that comes with creating alt characters and the current alignment system by allowing players to directly see who they are dealing with. I also would love to hear your opinions about the family system 🙂

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    While it could be a cool idea, I feel that it would miss its target.
    First of all as you noticed it would work only for humans, so whatever possible exploit could still be done by bringing a beastman to Syndesia.
    Also, most of the possible exploits are actually possible through multi boxing, not by using alt chars. The family system does in no way help against multi boxing.
    Finally, the alignment system is going to change in the next alpha, so I would first check how it ends up working. I'm not sure that there will be many possible exploits, since the only true limitations are the impossibility to use banks, shrines and inns of the other cities. You can technically work around the problem of banks by having another char, but this would again be by multi boxing.


    i dont want my account to belong to a single thing.

    every alt should be unique to itself.


    Bad new then- you can only have one house per world per account. So even if you have 6 human alts you still only can claim one house plot.


    I want to thank @Clinion for the constructive attempt to share a possible way to prevent an exploit I've seen others put a lot of energy into fretting over.

    I'm not one to give much thought to exploits, but I know for many players finding those is a key part of their fun. For others, thinking up ways to prevent exploits is a game in itself.

    Whether or not Clinion's BDO-based suggestion will work for Fractured is for others to discern but I wanna give them snaps for the contribution. 🖖 🏆 🍻


    This is a bad idea in that it would lock a player into an alignment play style, should one choose to play multiple alts on the same world.

    Nor should it be reasonable for people to know someone else's other in-game names/alts; unless the player chooses to tell others of them.

    And as someone has already pointed out, it will not stop the exploiting multi-boxing players will do; there is no reason to restrict normal players who wish to try all play styles on a single world if they wish to do so.


    That's what SWTOR does. All your characters have the same last name. However, you can choose to hide your last name. Another idea I've seen is not allowing a person to join more than one guild on their account. I personally like that one as it keeps players from putting spies into other guilds that may be enemies. Unless they tie IPs to accounts there's really no way to stop players from using multiple accounts to do these things.

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