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    After reading "SPRING ALPHA MAJOR RELEASE #1", I noticed a moment that a balance was made in the strength of the weapon, since it was quickly spent. The question is why? I think we need hardcore and challenging survival in the fields.
    So what am I doing all this for? That's right, I know how to solve this problem and make the game more interesting!
    1st option: have you been fighting in the fields for a long time, your weapons will soon break and become just junk? There is a solution - just use a grindstone (like ours in reality for knives, so that you understand), it will increase the strength of your weapon by several points
    t will make it sharp again! And there is also a variation of the advanced grindstone, which will also repair your weapon, but also add 5% damage for 30 minutes!
    This item must be added at the middle stage of the game, because trivial equipment is easily replaceable. This item will help you to be in battle for a longer time and you will not have to use the 2nd set of equipment so early or go to the city for repairs.
    2nd option: Here we have enchantment, but it only increases some characteristics, and the deeper you go into the fields, the more your equipment deteriorates, yes? The solution is found! External armor modifiers. Let's say it will be called the Basic Strengthening Kit. These modifiers can be worn up to 3 pieces on all your equipment. Items that will be equipped with strengthening kits will have much more strength and will add some of the characteristics. Initially, the strength of the Strengthening kits will be spent, and then the strength of the armor itself will be spent.
    You can also add Mana sets, Powers, and so on to the game, which will slightly increase the characteristics of the characters, which will make it easier for players to pass dungeons. If you add up 3 sets of Strengthening ((in terms of characteristics), then in fact it will be possible to assume that your hero has put on 1 more piece of equipment that increases your stats.
    These Kits will be of 3 types: Basic, Standard and Advanced. Depending on the type of kit, their characteristics will increase.

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    So sorry to inform you but they already flat out said there would not be a method for weapon/item repair in the game. All durability is finite on purpose to encourage the player run economy. They don't want players having their favorite sets of equipment load out going and just getting it repaired, and instead want them to rebuild it from scratch or keep extra sets in their banks or chests in their homes for when their current set gets worn out.
    That's a hard line the devs have already drawn in the sand. I wish I could remember where it was because I would post links, but the whole repair thing has been suggested on numerous occasions.

    [Edit] As for Stengthening kits, there is a chance they may allow something like this to be added to the game, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. The Devs pretty much want to encourage players to stay out in the wild for a given period of time, then need to come back to resupply and re-equip. This is partly why they moved the full healing ability from campfires.


    The point of item degradation is to have a drain on the economy to encourage and reward players to create new items.
    If there is no drain then you get to your 'best' gear and just stop doing any of the content around making gear, and that kind of stagnation is not desired.


    GamerSeuss and Olive Pit have already laid out the reasons why @muker's ideas probably won't fly, but I wanted to say THANKS for the constructive, creative post. 👍 🍻

    muker is new to the Fractured forum and hasn't been part of a lot of long-standing conversations, so it's understandable that they will 'reinvent some wheels' in their hope of making creative contributions.

    I want to encourage as many of those as possible AND encourage muker to do a quick search on any ideas to find out whether they've already been discussed in this VERY active forum.

    The devs did make a 'durability' enchantment to prolong usability - whether or not they'd be open to a 'whetstone' for field use is highly doubtful but not 100% known. The world changes so quickly nowadays... 😉


    Open world full loot drop mmos such as Albion Online had a repair mechanic in which you would pay a repair cost to repair all items on your character and in your inventory. This mechanic was more of a money sink. I can see a repair mechanic being added if currency is too widespread and does not have as much value. Perhaps, if it were to be implemented, make it an acceptable trade for players to level up and charge a repair tax for those who seek their services.

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    Like I said, the Devs already nixed repair mechanics completely as not fitting their vision of the game and how the player based economy would work/thrive. They aren't worried about gold sinks, they have plenty of options for that, they just haven't really implemented it yet, but they want equipment to have a finite lifespan. Best you can do is extend its life with durability enchantments.

    They don't want to be like all other open world MMOs, they want to be different. Frankly, one of the worst models they could follow in my opinion is Albion Online in this regard.


    In germany we say: "Never say never"

    There really aren't many games that are really 100% balanced!

    If this could be a point to balance the game in any way, why not?

    It can be connected with repairs of items, but it doesn't have to be 100%.


    it's possible to have repairs, however, you need secondary stat that when it hits 0 the item is destroyed.

    IE: let say the each item gets 10 repairs while each repair replenishes the durability. once the durability hits 0 the item breaks.
    this would give the feeling, even illusion, that the gear last longer but it doesn't actually have to change anything.

    there could be a deeper system with this where each heavy repair (a scale of 10 where 10 is more repaired) of say 7-10 the durability drops 2 instead of 1.
    if this were the case the item would have to be repair more often to prolong the item, otherwise it wont last as long.

    this type of system was in DAOC back in the day.

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