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  • I'm posting here to just voice my opinion that as a fractured loyalist i'm actually kinda surprised that a major update and roadmap is a "Few days" away only posted on discord. No disrespect but i'm chomping at the bit to see more updates for the game and any info i can grab is great. But i'm baffled that such a major update as "doubling the team" and "few days" would be posted only one place. Sorry to the nerds who at this point i could call out by name saying " communication team" and blah blah blah, but for real. I'm curious why a copy paste wasn't included because if discord is the main line of communication maybe just close the website?
    Olive pit if i see you post here i'm going to go ahead and make it my life's journey to make sure we meet in game.


    If we'd be talking about the actual announcement here, I'd wholeheartedly agree with you, but this is 'an announcement of an announcement'. Basically nothing more than a simple 'keep being patient a little longer, we've got exciting news we're going to share with you soon'. Such things should only go with media that is 'quick'.
    I fully expect the real announcement to be on Discord, the Fractured page and Kickstarter updates.

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    Also remember, there is an expectation when something is posted as a Kickstarter update or a post in the News section. These announcements are considered official. As such, they can't just be a copy/paste of a Discord post, they must be proofread and formatted as a professional announcement. A longer process than many may realize.

    As Logain said, this is more of a 'Heads up, keep an eye out for more'


    Why the call out to me? I am confused. Also finding me in game is easy as I regularly announce where i'm doing trades (and for which town) so why make it into a challange?

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