I would love to see rares in this game. It kept me playing UO for a long time. Some ideas: Very rare blue prints drops for furniture, mountable deer, bear, wolf, troll heads, vace, pillars and architecture. Random lootable vaces, rugs, carpets, dye tubs or items in mob camps that spawn at certain times daily, once week, or once a month for limited times. Rare colored horses that spawn etc.. Small content additions like this go a long way in creating excitement and trading opportunities.

    I am generally not a fan of rare drops that impact pvp. Balance is difficult enough to attain in any game.

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    The Developers are dedicated to a Player Driven Economy, so everything that drops is either a Reagent or a Material for crafting, and anything else is crafted by the players (except the Lost Tales, which only drop from Legendaries, and are only worth Knowledge Points)

    They have flat out stated that other than that and Gold, they have no intention of adding other "treasure" to the game.


    @GamerSeuss said in Rares:

    The Developers are dedicated to a Player Driven Economy(...)

    That and the game advertises as being 'non grind' to the point that it's horizontal instead of vertical progress.


    Thanks. Doh. haha.

    I am a huge fan of horizontal progression. It allows casual players to compete with hardcore gamers. I was hoping they would add some visual pretties for those that appreciate player housing more than others.

    I appreciate the feedback.

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    @FLeaLoD decorating your houses is what Foundation Points are for. They guaranteed us no Pay to Win, so instead, if you want visual pretties, you have to get them by spending real world money


    In my opinion the 'rares' will be the special enchanting materials dropped by big bosses and used for tier 3 enchantments.
    They will allow you to build that vorpal sword of fire.

    -by the way, currently a team of 5 can totally take on these big bosses and thus are not beyond a small team-

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    @OlivePit Exactly. In this game, Rares are either the Lost Tales you get from Legendaries, or the Legendary Reagents needed to unlock Tier 3 Enchantments

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    ^ Couldn't agree with you more.

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