Rock Walls: Bad Idea

  • Hey fractured team,
    First off i love the game. Very well done and thought out. Founder member now with Champion status and a palace.

    Rock ridge walls you cant walk through.... really dont like them. Is there a way to maybe change them to a really inclined slow? Like you have to be on a horse and it takes an additional 15 seconds to scale them? There really isn't a great reason for them to be un scaled and they are only a pain in a players ass.

    Just a suggestion. If its to late maybe for the next would map section out of 9. Keep up the great work. We support you!

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    If you mean the Rock Ridges that are iimpassable and that you have to find a path around, the Developers have said on more than one occasion that those were put in on purpose, so that if you cut across country off the 'paths' shown in the map, you sometimes end up having to double back. In fact, even teleportation powers won't let you circumvent these kinds of ridges.

    As this is a purposeful inclusion, I seriously doubt your going to get them to change it.


    It has seemed the devs from the get go have wanted travel to be one of the main obstacles to overcome in the game. There are no fast travel options and if they have put unpassable terrain in it is because they want you to take longer to get to the destination.


    There actually is fast travel: from port to port. Even uninhabited cities on the coast have working ports. The cost to transport a cart full of material is not even very high.
    This ease is actually something that reduces player interaction, which is not the goal.

    Otherwise, yes,
    Travel is a main aspect of the game.
    Bottle necks and passes through mountains are there on purpose.
    This gives highway men a place to set up ambushes or bridge tolls should they want to.
    This gives players reasons to work together to make trade caravans.
    This gives combat players a purpose to defend, or attack, the caravans.
    As there is no fast way to get to any ambush or fight players have to think ahead, use scouts, know about choke points, and be organized.
    All this gives value to long distance trading which can make trade, escorting, and banditry profitable and possible.
    Want that cool special armor? well you need alloy X from the north, alloy Y from the south and Coal from the mountains outside of town. All needs to be shipped in, slowly, over exposed, bottlenecked land. As a combat player it gives you reason to support the trade people and the trade people feel they have value because of the complexity and difficulty in gathering and transporting all those goods.

    The cliffs could defiantly be more clearly marked on the maps, no argument there, but if you zoom in the way through is identifiable.


    @OlivePit said

    The cliffs could defiantly be more clearly marked on the maps, no argument there

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  • @PeachMcD
    Yes agreed actually. I suppose it makes sense to have them but the need to be CLEARLY marked otherwise are just an irritant imo.


    @BitterLoD - the little minimaps have evolved considerably since the first alpha, so feedback about how they might be tweaked to best serve the player community is all to the good. Thanks to you and to @OlivePit for constructive response to an ongoing & acknowledged issue.

  • @PeachMcD The games great! Just need a little tweaking here or there. Mostly in favor of not requiring 50 people to have access to pvp materials....

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