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    Hello all 🙂

    I am interested in how many Players regularly „play“ the game at the Moment. Or better when an alpha starts 😉

    What do you think how many will be the „playerbase“ when it’s finally released?

    Last post I found was from 2019 where we had 60k created accounts. But I think there are a lot of Fake Accounts also. And it doesn’t mean every created Forum account has also a game account.

    And I really would like to see a new roadmap 😁



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    a new roadmap is forthcoming, according to Prometheus, once they finish getting the siege mechanic up and running.

    As to player population at the start of an alpha, it varies to some degree from alpha to alpha, partly determined by what the primary test focus is for that particular alpha test phase, and partly by how disappointed people were in the last test phase, as some are prone to skip a test or two when disappointed.

    All in all, though, I will say when an Alpha starts, they overload the server with login requests pretty much every time the first couple days, so, that speaks to a pretty vibrant test population base.


    I wouldn't really consider the player base any kind of indicator of the game right now.

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