Changing stats from 1~25 to to a larger number for future possible growth

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    Right now with the current system stats can go from 6 to 25.
    Player creation you can adjust stats from 6 to 18 then with talent tree and enchanting add more up to a possible 25 stats.

    This system works but I think the problem is the future.

    Change it to how much? Either 25 to 100 or 60 to 250

    Why 25 to 100? 100 is the common number of gaming, known at the max level. It's easiest to understand that once you've hit 100 you're at the top.

    Why 60 to 250? This would be the simplest change, just adding a 0 behind 6-25. the current talent tree each node would give 20 stats instead of 1.

    Why the change? With more stats to manage it allows for more fine tuning of character's and it allows for future possibility's to change the the talent tree's or the less impacts on some enchanting. Also possible future systems could be easier to manage if they instead to add stats from other sources (relics).

    Why not just decimal? It's pretty much the same~ decimal onto everything 6.0-25.0 and giving out 0.5 of a state.
    I just find decimal places can be messy for UI reasons.

    I just find the current scope of stats very narrow to work with and wonder what the future will be like 🙂


    There is something like this in D&D online and it seems to separate players with the power creep making a bigger difference between starting players and 'end game' players making the environment not all that welcoming to new players.
    The idea of having a relatively even playing field and low power distance is one of the main premises -and for me selling points- of Fractured.
    Because of the low power distance here I can gift a friend equipment and they can start working on their skills and talents without a discouraging gap knowing that a max talent player is only going to have 2 more stat points in any given stat (10%-20% difference) and only up to twice as many secondary skill points (fortitude, willpower, etc) allowing them to easily quantify their progress and differences allowing them to look forward to grinding for a known bright future instead of feeling they -have to- grind in order to even participate in the game content.

    We had the massive mage spell rebalancing because they had too little reliance on equipment, meaning the devs want there to be reliance on equipment (expendable resource) more than talents (renewable resource). As such It would seem that the devs want the tallent tree to be the flavor of a character (determined by talent tree end abilities and the neat things between trees) but equipment and enchanting to be the meat.

    Could you be more specific as to the area of the game play that you feel needs more 'fine tuning' that is not possible with talents + enchants + material bonusses?


    I don't see any changes like this simply because they have said from the beginning they want players to be able to new characters able to compete with old ones. Higher stats with much higher bonuses will definitely defeat that notion.


    I think you misunderstood @maze. It seemed like he wanted more fine grain control, not a higher power gap. That said, I like the fact that they are using 'low' numbers.

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