A use for non-flawless gems = Enchanting !?


    Currently there is no use for chipped or fine gemstones.
    I understand that they will have -some- use in the future with jewelry.
    But considering the frustrations with attempts to enchant elemental damage bonuses on to weapons (or arrows in the future) I think that they would be excellent candidates for enchanting materials.
    They could give earth, energy and an element (air, fire, water, etc...)
    and allow for more control over the enchanted element damage bonus given.
    Having all of them be the exact same recipe is quite silly and frustrating.
    Giving the chipped or fine gemstones a use while also allowing finer results of elemental damage bonusses would be solving two problems in one action.


    I think there will be possibility to refine them into complete gemstones.


    there needs to be a use for them now, not later, I dunno why they added in items that have no current use


    @TekNicTerror said in A use for non-flawless gems = Enchanting !?:

    (...)I dunno why they added in items that have no current use

    That happens rather frequently during Alpha stages of game development. If you need something to test some functionality (internal, like database access, specific data structures,...), you add a 'placeholder'. You can't have both content and features/functionality developed at the same time, so it makes sense to focus on functionality (like siege mechanics) first.

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    @TekNicTerror Nature of the beast. Everything within an Alpha isn't implemented yet, but they do start to add little bits and bobs, so when they do their own internal testing, they don't have to create a whole different instance, and then forget to put things from that into the new release of the next Alpha. Also, they do it just to stuff added to the internal database as they go along. It is far easier to add 10 new reagents into a database every time you think about it, than it is to add in 1000 all at once. As they go along, they will implement things to utilize what's been added later, and this will slow down when things move into Beta, but it still may happen...shoot, in some live games, they start putting materials in the game before they necessarily implement new usage for said materials.


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