[Skill] Detect, for the solo players

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    The idea of this skill would be for solo's or scouts to detect players that are off screen (about 1 screen off screen to them).

    The skill would be useless in a group setting.
    The skill would Alert the player by ringing and red glow to them when players are nearby.
    It would not indicate what direction the player/'s are in.

    Pro's: help the solos from not being ganked. Possibly find people if using it to scout area's alone.
    Con's: unknown direction of other player/'s. you could have just ran into another solo or someone is suddenly coming up behind you. Can't be used in groups, only possible way would to be spread out the group so the players are off screen to eachother.

    alt text


    While I like the idea and intention, I'm not sure that it would work like that @maze. At 5 mana per second, can you really afford to keep the spell lasting long enough to avoid being 'ganked'? You'd pretty much have to know there's people heading your way already, turn it on and then it's a little too late, since you already knew.

    Could you elaborate how you think this would work?

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    I keep frenzy full on, and that's 20 mana per second.
    5 mana per second are not even noticed.


    @Logain enchant your gear with +mana regen or get +mana regen talents and you won't even notice it

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    @Logain said in [Skill] Detect, for the solo players:

    Could you elaborate how you think this would work?

    the 5/s mana cost is from "Mage armor" it was just a base template and was not really the has to be mana cost;.
    but while on the subject you should have a base of 14/s mana regen at 6INT. what should not be a bad cost 🙂
    I honestly don't think the spell needs a mana cost at all.

    alt text)

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