Stealin Carts


    Good day,

    I really enjoy the sistem of being able to steal carts/wagons.

    1. I Think wagons should be robbed inside house plots or cities.


    1. wagons are robbed inside plots, a plyer will be getting all ore nodes with the correct timing.
    2. wagons ar NOT robbed inside plots, a player will be able to get only some nods because of plot forging capacity


    1. guilds will make ores hunt to get all the ores need it, leaving other player without ores.

    So, i would say that wagons should be limited to account, like 2..3 wagons por account is enough.


    @Xirinki big no on being able to steal from carts and wagons in personal plots.
    I can't be forced to stay online 24/7 to defend my stored stuff.
    To hoard ores you have to go mine them, that's the point where you can be robbed, assaulted and so on, or you can just arrive at the mining site and find they've already been mined.
    But stealing while I'm offline?
    In the same way you can't destroy other people houses or loot their chests, wagons should be protected too.

  • Wiki Editor

    Wagons & carts should get a zone where they are save.
    Stealing from them should be just possible when they are standig alone outside. Since we don‘t have lockable houses, for now they should be save at the personal plot entirely.
    Stealing should flag the people who stealed stuff as a criminal for at least a while. Time they get flagged should increase with each item they steal.

    Just my thoughts about stealing and doing this way a criminal act.


    What i mean to say is SHOULDN'T BE ABLE!


    @Xirinki said in Stealin Carts:

    1. I Think wagons should be robbed inside house plots or cities.

    I must have been misled by this sentence then. 🙂


    Either a typo or just trouble with english. His last sentence did say what he meant I think.

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