Jail System Bugged


    Hello! I decided to test the Jail system purposely to see what would happen.

    I'm aligned as Evil, but I didn't have any negative karma. In fact, this is my Karma status:

    But my prison status says:

    But when compared with the first prisoner this is what the prison status said for them: Supposedly Speedy said they had max amount of negative karma while I had positive karma

    So how do we pay a negative amount of gold for bail?!

    This jail system definitely needs to be tweaked/reworked. But I am wondering how much of it is working as intended and how much is actually a bug.
    [Edit] - Forgot to add that there is a handcuffs icon that pops up on the bottom right of my screen, but when I click on it nothing happens. It doesn't show me a menu or anything. My guildie had to come to the prison to tell me how much my prison time/bail were on the board. Since my bail said a negative amount, my guildie clicked on the Pay icon to see what would happen, and nothing happened!


    @Harleyyelrah imagine actually being paid for bail! 😄

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    @GreatValdus said in Jail System Bugged:

    @Harleyyelrah imagine actually being paid for bail! 😄


    @Harleyyelrah nice find of a bug. And respect for putting yourself into the jail for testing purposes! Big thumbs up, not many PVP enthusiasts would do that. ❤


    Jokes aside, I think the true bug lies in the fact that when you flag evil you should instantly go down to 0 karma, so you can't have positive karma while evil, so you can't be jailed with positive karma.

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