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    1. I made a Smeltery on a plot of a guild member to which he gave me full right, but he cannot access it. He made a smeltery as well and I cannot access it either.
    2. Iron is missing from the forge, you cannot craft anything with Iron ?!?!


    @Vonegram I think if YOU build the smelter, you have the rights on it, no matter which plot you build it into.
    Just a guess, but could make sense if the building has its own permission settings.

  • Wiki Editor

    @Vonegram small hint, make a Title that describe your bug report. Like "Smelter not accessible" or so. It helps us, to find the reports and add things we experienced.

    As for the report itself:
    I didn't build a smelter on my personal plot yet, so i don't know how their behaviour is, but i was experiencing in the past, that if a Co-Owner builds something on your plot, the owner also need to set the permissions on them before they become accessible.
    I would expect, that the co-owner can do this too, but i also know, that there are some problems with this permission.
    As for Iron, i am not sure, if this is maybe some stuff you will need a special Research at the town first. Can you smelting anything else in it?

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Smeltery bug fixed in va251.Iron is not an ingot, that's steel 🙂

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