We have the food but where are the drinks?


    Shouldn't we make drinks and have lemon trees to grow them? Some drinks increase the statistics for an hour, but there is great difficulty in making them


    @anasfract said in We have the food but where are the drinks?:

    Shouldn't we make (...)

    I'd rather they focus on features and functionality now and implement content later. Yes, a certain amount of content is required for testing to appease the volunteer testers, but there's still plenty of big features to be implemented and that's going to require considerable effort and time.
    Especially things like races and interplanetary travel are going to turn the 'balance' and 'gameplay-feeling' upside down, so it's better to have them early in development.


    @anasfract I think it can all fall inside "food" category, whether it is actually solid food or liquid drinks, then you can have how much differentiation you want.
    But as @Logain points out too, there is no need to waste devs time with lemons when they have about 10% of the playable land implemented as of now.


    @GreatValdus thanks


    Kinda weird that this didn't get more discussion. I don't understand Logain's response. The question wasn't whether or not the inclusion of drinks should be priority. I don't understand some of the people in these forums who seem to simply want to shut down conversation or hijack the conversation, and make it about something else. Just discuss the topic, or don't respond.

    I do think that both food and drinks should be in the game. For nothing more than it being realistic. You don't even need to change much. Both food and drink can increase satiety. However, food could give you physical bonuses, such as HP regen, bonuses to physical attributes like STR, DEX, CON, and physical resistances that are limited buffs. Drinks could give mental bonuses, such as mana regen, bonuses to mental attributes like INT, PER and CHA, and mental resistances that are also limited buffs. Half hour. Hour long buffs. Adding drinks really wouldn't require a huge amount of development and could be done alongside large pillar systems that haven't yet been implemented.

    There's nothing wrong with this discussion. I have wondered why drinks were shafted, for no real reason. Doesn't seem to really have a logical reason.


    @d3Sync putting too much meat on the fire, none gets cooked.
    There's a road map, there are high priority features, so while it can make sense to discuss stuff like drinks it makes less sense if they are planned but just not right now.
    Until you know what the development direction is on a certain matter you can only speculate, when maybe the team already has an idea on that topic, but it might be too early to discuss it while a lot of core mechanics are still lacking.
    That said I'm not against talking about it, but I understand why people might want to keep discussions focused on what is going on and not what is planned for a distant future.

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