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  • I've been following this game for a week or so now and with the next testing phase about to start I was wondering which founder pack is worth buying. I have a bit of expendable income, that being said the largest pack seems a little steep for a game that has the potential to never release. That being said it seems they are making really good progress and with that I'd like to support it. I've looked at the different bonus loot you get and was wondering which is worth it for the price and which is simply extra fluff for the extra enthusiastic backer.

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    If your unsure, but you want to participate in the next Alpha, go for the Master Pack. This will give you Alpha access, and none of the other perks even come into play until the game actually releases. In addition, you can always upgrade your pack later on without losing any real value on it. I started with an adept pack way back when the Kickstarter ran, and I've upgraded gradually as I went and had the funds available.


    I doubt that anybody can actually provide you a real answer to that, simply because what is 'valuable' to you might be irrelevant to somebody else and vice versa.
    Ask yourself if you want a lifetime VIP membership (if you need VIP status and plan to play longer, that pays off fast).
    Ask yourself how many character slots you'd probably need (do you want to play beastman, human and demon and maybe specialize in different areas)?
    Do you need to reserve your character name and is a mule and wagon going to be valuable enough compared to what other alternatives there are going to be in game?
    I'd argue that only you can answer these questions for yourself.

    Edit: Ups, as I was still typing @GamerSeuss had already hit submit 😛


    If you think you will play this game for more than 2 years, then Eternal pack is a great value (lifetime VIP membership).
    Pay once and get VIP subscription forever.

    If you dont care about lifetime VIP, but you are into housing, then Champion is a good option because you will get a unique Palace blueprint.

    If both of those are not interesting for you or are too much, then I'd suggest Legend as a great value.
    Founders villa is still a great and nice home to have, and you get to reserve your characters name.
    Also not to forget a Legend is a great title to wear. 😉

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