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  • What MMO are you guys playing at the moment?

    I'm sick of WoW and wanna game something else


    Eve Echoes. It is a very true to form version of Eve Online, but in mobile form. It is sci-fi though and may not be for everyone that is watching Fractured. But it does fulfill a lot of the same desires I have for Fractured. No grind, meaningful choices, permanent structures, and a sense of belonging to the world. There is currently a newbie catchup event going on now too to make up some skill points that people might have missed by not starting on day one.


    I've got like 8 games in my library from holiday sales lol. I do solo games myself. Giving Stellar Tactics a go now. My boy has been playing Baldur's Gate 3. I tried but it's brutal. Goblins were destroying me lol.

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    I play and stream Old School RuneScape. I still have a ton of fun with that game, and it has a huge following in some parts of the world. My main audience is Australia and New Zealand.


    Elder Scrolls Online: Purchase of base game + most recent expansion(s) required, subscription optional but recommended. Plays mostly like Elder Scrolls, just not like Skyrim. You'll need to play in third-person for harder bosses so you can see the AoE tells under your feet.

    Path of Exile: Diablo-like, soft character classes, freemium (you're competitive after spending ~$15)

    Phantasy Star Online 2: Freemium, third-person action game, hard character classes (1 class + subclass), an awful lot of premium stuff can be acquired for free, MASSIVE BOOBS cosmetic


    Asheron's Call. Currently play on Potato server.

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