Your goals

  • So what's your personal in game goals ? Personally mine will be to just survive 😂


    @Ginjar - it's good to have goals! And everything after survival is gravy. That said...

    In an alpha, anyone clear on the concept will have (at least as a 'background' goal) testing the new content the devs have added. There will be lots of new content in the next alpha but I'm guessing most folks will be having fun testing the PvP/Karma system.

    I'm sure I'll do some of that, just to survive, but my interests are more Arborean in general, so I'll be most interested in testing new city technologies that may be added - trading, crafting, farming. And I'm guessing that will be welcomed by the devs bc everyone else will be out zerging and pk'ing and bounty hunting. Also by my guildmates, since someone will need to watch the city while they're all out slaying each other.

    To that end, my build for the next test will be a mage/monk whose damage is mostly either magic or barehanded, with a dagger for backup. That way, anyone who interferes with my farming will be SORRY. 🥋

    But I won't be a total homebody! I love exploring, and gathering KP from interacting w the environment and its denizens. Last test I really enjoyed killing ??'s So my guildies better give me a couple of 'days off' each week to go out and ride my horse all over the place 🏇


    My goal for Fractured (or any game I play) is simply to have fun.

    If the game is not fun then it is not serving the purpose for which I am playing. it. I am hopeful that Fractured will do so, although as the game develops it is taking on some concerning (to me) aspects of a survival game.


    Have fun with friends 🙂


    Slack a lot as in every MMO i play. 🌲 🍄 🐟

    Alongside that.. there will be a mix of everything else.
    Having a house and decorating is with such skillz that all my neighbours will be jelly.
    Some PvE, some PvP.
    More slacking...


    I've always been a second line player. I like to grind/trade/craft to allow my other guildmates to play without care. I do enjoy pve and pvp activies, but only as a group activity with friends, and in general I play support.

  • My main goal is to help the guild I'm in progress as much as possible. This will potentially open end game content for me and the people I play with, which would not be possible by playing solo or in a very small group of gankers.

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