[FRAC-2334] Equipped but unused shield is loosing durability.

  • I have a shield equipped for my buff build (chestnut gives charisma) and it's losing durability regardless of I'm only using my staff. The shield isn't used and doesn't add any bonus. Just losing durability.

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    I heared from people in the ingame chat, who are not able to cast some things, because the shield is counting as heavy armor somehow.
    So i think the shield is always "active" if you equip it.
    Maybe someone with experience in shield and effects to the actual used abilities can report about.
    If i remember right, it was some special ability for a bow in combination with the shield, but i can be wrong.

  • @Kralith Shield is always active in regards of limits. If it's a heavy shield you can't use some skills. (In my case it's a light shield.)
    But you only get the armor and other bonuses when you are unarmed or using a one handed weapon.
    If the equipped, unused shield loose durability, the other equipped, unused weapons should too.
    So I still think this is a bug.
    It could be an exception, but I think it's just because shields are handled as armor.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.4.1d

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