[FRAC-2338] OMG i was able to duplicate an item BUG!!!


    I had the sword equipped and went to the chest, loaded C to open the status and put the sword directly in the chest.
    I was like I had the sword equipped, but it was in the trunk. The damage I shot was practically the same with the sword, it just didn't have the extra enchantments.

    I tested this bug with more weapons and it always works, I can even use the horse that the ghost sword does not disappear xD

    Fix the bug pls

    alt text

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    @David353 Sadly i can't test that as i wanted, since all my abilities are also usable unarmed.

    But you actually did not duplicated the item, i guess you just have a bug that the game thinks, the weapon is still equiped, but is not.

    Also, did you tried to swap your weapon slots till you are back to the first hand?
    Is the Eviscerate still usable in this case?
    Does maybe the same happen, if you put your weapon just to your inventory instead to a chest?
    Can you use the weapons base attack (right/left click to attack) too or just the Abilities in your action bar?



    The weapon stays until you switch it with tab. We've been putting up screenshots of this bug since day two or three of the test. They just haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in v.a.2.4.1d

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