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    Hello there!

    I spent few days playing this game and forming opinion about it. And i think i can present 3 types of suggestions in a ways how to make this game better. Of course, they are my personal opinion and some of them will repeat another threads.

    P.S. English is not my native - i beg to excuse me for mistakes.


    • More ingame tips needed about everything - from character stats and modifiers, till hot buttons for interface options(for sure we all now meanings of "I" and "C" buttons but it should be a part of UI).
    • Crafting Menu should allow to see basic item stats, such as dmg, armor, etc.
    • Same for Building Menu - it would be great to know how much resourses do i need to build anything before i placed it
    • I think it would be great to see in Abilities descriptions 2 different visual representations of numbers for cooldowns, mana cost, dmg - in math and in final afflictions (reference: ArcheAge).
    • I'd like to see range of skill working in Abilities description.
    • Because of not an instant casts of Abilities it's hard to understand is in casted or not, i think cast bar would be a desigeon.
    • When i am moving something from my Inventory to chests i basicly want to move it with hotkeys/clicks but not driving mouse in circles.
    • It would be great to have some type of Inventory sorting opportunity by: type, mass, and A-Z.
    • I feel myself strategly uncomfortable if i don't understand what kind of Armor is wearing my enemy... Bronze/Iron/Gold armor shouldn't looks same.
    • Objects priority for mouse selections - this thing extremly needed to make users less stressy. When i am fighting, i don't want to do things with a trees. When i am in a house, i don't need to interract with walls over my chest.
    • I think users don't like to grab items 1 by 1 and putting it in anythere manually. Basic automatisation that will allow to push some button and see, how character starts to collect wood and put it into the truck, or another one that drops everything from truck on the surface/putting in storage will be amazing.


    I don't want to talk about balance, it would and should be changed. But

    • Mages vs Melee have not the same gameplay right now. Mages should only go to farm some fiber, while Melee have to wait for blacksmithing for a good armor and weapon.
    • I think Trading is boring here. At least, it would be great to know "rumors" on your trading post about things happens in other towns. Prices, items and so on. It could be a part of mech, where investing in trade posts(not only money, it could be i succesfull deals) will allow to make "rumors" stronger and let other posts to get info.
    • "Progression is horizontal and sees no grind thanks to the Knowledge System, while Albion progression is very vertical" is a lie... it's different from Albion, but it's still vertical and you need to grind for Knowledge and for skills. Don't think it should be changed, but "managing expectations, you know" 🙂
    • After accepting the fact upstairs, it is painfull not to feel Progression, while you are gathering/building. I want to know, that i am working not only for a happy future of town, but for myself too.
    • Absolutly have no feeling of Endgame content right now. Looks, like game have no vector. When i'v done with all abilities and there is nothing more to build in my town, what should i do?

    P.S. I tried to understand, how all my activities(farming, building) would be merged with ingame PvP, and i found, that in current circumstances it would be freaky dogfight and massacre. We have a freaky lack of resources in land terriotory, especially of stone. We have no protections of our terrioty, that will allow to feel ourself safety in home. That will punish not to have neighbors - just grab first city and then expand with capturing other ones till borders come closer.


    • After killing a horse in a truck, character becomes a "horse" and starts "pushing" a truck.
    • Character sometimes got animation of casting, but no damage happens, no cd starts.
    • Ricochet from talents doesn't works on 2-h mage ice staff.
    • 240 fps make horse move slower than 60 fps.
    • Some invisiable obstacles on a road doesn't allow to move through(i think it is a stone ruins - found some time visiable one on road too)

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    Remember this is an Alpha Test. A lot of your suggestions, whether I agree with them or not, are really things to expect in the final draft of the game before release, like mid-late Beta, definitely not Alpha concerns.

    End Game Content has already been hinted at with the Legends and the Stories that go along with the Legends. We just haven't seen that actualized as of yet.

    Lack of variety in resources is another thing that should come out in the final drafts, once they have tweaked the mechanical aspect of resource handling some.

    Many people have asked for Tool-tips and Keyboard binding actions, but remember, this is something that should also wait until the game is closer to release, so they aren't constantly redoing the work over and over as they make changes for the Alpha, and later the Beta phases of the game. I personally would love to be able to shrink the play window in Window Mode just a little bit to facilitate my streaming, but I also understand such controls are by far not a priority right now.


    love idea with rumors

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    @InDanger said in Feedback after few time playing:

    Absolutly have no feeling of Endgame content right now. Looks, like game have no vector. When i'v done with all abilities and there is nothing more to build in my town, what should i do?

    There can't be an "Endgame" right now, since we don't have all mechanics in the game yet, that is on the Gamedesigns Roadmap.
    For PVE we will get for sure "Endgame" Stuff, like Big Boss Monster, Labyrinths, Asteroids.
    Also the Abomination/Angel/Lich Transformation will be Endcontent. Getting the alternative abilities (aka Ability Leveling) will bring you in very dangerous situations, since you will need to step to areas as a pure PVE player, where PVP is all over the area activated.
    And for PVP Player, well, the "Endcontent" will be to maintain your town, to secure your town (aka Sieges) to fight for ressources...
    A sandbox game never has Endgame Content like a Theme-Park Game. You will need set your own endgame goals.
    That can be to be the biggest guild who is ruling a planet, to be the best Trader in game, to be the best Crafter, best Farmer, best whatever...
    Once the game developement will be finished for release, there will be (hopefully) enough possibilities to keep us playing however we want to play.

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