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    We need urgently a feature that enables to move/walk/run automatically at a shortcut bind to where our mouse pointer is, so that we dont have to keep clicking.

    I've been playing this game almost 12-16 hours a day for the past week, and my hand is starting to hurt like hell due to all the clicking. I'll probably be getting carpals tunnel soon if we dont have an auto run feature.


    Then stop clicking ;)) i dont do clicking

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    @Rife You can just Hold your Mousebutton down and you will run in the direction where your pointer is.
    But about Auto-Run Feature the Devs said, they will think about to make it more comfortable.
    They just didn't decide yet, how they want to make it, to prevent automatic afk running.


    @Kralith @boogis I am perfectly aware of holding the mouse button, but holding your mouse button for 30-45 minutes straight for multiple times a day is contributing to hand strain, and doing this repeatedly is probably going to end with me and others having a bad case of carpal tunnels.

    I'm not suggesting the auto pathing like mobile games have. I'm suggesting a simple button that toggles your character to move to your cursor's position. That way you move your character by moving your mouse without having to click any buttons. This will help tremendously already in preventing hand strain.

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    @Rife Yeah i know, pressing the button ongoing is also not that nice for long long runs.
    I have a steelseries mouse with some buttons to use and i configured one to "hold". So i can press once for autorun and pressing again for releasing the button.
    If you have general problems with too much mouse pressing, why you don't buy a mouse with programmable buttons?
    It helps in many games, who don't have features for people with hand problems.


    @Kralith @Prometheus

    That is a great work around for those able to do so. In fact I will be getting a new mouse soon just to be able to such. However, the biggest problem is that the devs really need to implement an in-game feature to handle this. I think it is bad design on the devs' part in taking so long to put in QoL musts as those of us who are the most passionate about the game are also the ones being physically effected the most about the game not having the ergonomics needed in the game. Eventually the toll will come and we will have to start dropping, not because we want to, but because we simply can no longer do the same physical drag over and over. If the devs did not always use their "short-cut" keys, they would very quickly realize what the community as a whole has been complaining about. I mean... it took them 4 tests to even implement party mini-map markers??? I am very glad they did, cause I literally would have skipped this test and every other test until they had finally implemented that.


    Buying a new mouse is not the solution. I agree that there should not be a auto move from location to location to prevent boting has someone said in a earlier tópic, however has it is is a little uncomfortable and can even bring some problems.
    My solution passes with an auto-move forward following and invisible mouse pointer, but the mouse cannot be in the same screen coordinates (or whatever you want to call it) more than 4 seconds (for example).
    To activate such invisible pointer we just need to double click (since doubler click is doing nothing atm).
    To deactivate just a simple click will do, character will stop moving and mouse pointer will appear again.
    With this people would even to write/chat and move (instead having the need to stop and write and them start moving again).


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