Change crafting to provide knowledge


    Would love to see crafting added to the knowledge reward system! 🙂 Could be as simple as every new recipe you make, you get a one-time knowledge gain.

    Or, it could be like killing mobs, where you have to craft several to fully unlock all the knowledge (and maybe get an extra bonus like a skill).

    Either way, I think it would improve the game. 🙂


    I like it. Honestly was surprised when I didn't get knowledge when I first crafted things. Especially as discovering resources gave a 1 time knowledge boost.

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    Yeah, Crafting definetivly needs more improvement.
    But as i understood, the Crafting system itself isn't fully developed yet.

    When i look to the initial game design and the old Q&As, crafting always was meant to be connected to the Knowledge System.
    Prometheus explained per example, that you will not know how to craft with a material, till you explored it.
    Also Receipes was meant to get learned step by step.
    So i think, that we get shown yet all possible materials is just caused to be able to test the game mechanics and will get changed later on. At least i hope so.
    Per example different materials for my Scholar-Amor. How i will be able to know, that i can craft them with Primal Cloth, if i don't know, that primal fibres exist? Once i got it to my Knowledge, i will learn, how to weave it, and which equip i can craft with it.


    Crafting to me is one of the major aspects of any rpg. Just like pvm, pvp and exploring. All of the major aspects should have knowledge you can gain. To me knowledge is the achievements you earn in this game.

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