Please add a Combat Mode


    I’d really like to see a combat mode you can enable.

    Reason: when your trying to click on a monster to wack it, you end up selecting the tree or rock or bush next to it.

    Very annoying.

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    I think this is one of the top suggestions out there...When fighting, it really sucks having to move your mouse around to get that Sword Cursor when Trees, Herbs, Dead Bodies, etc... keep turning it into a hand. As a Mage character, this gets really frustrating for me. Once in Combat-Mode, characters should only have the mouse react to live enemies, and/or running away unless you drop out of Combat-Mode


    We should've gotten that aswell as keybinding settings this test, it just didn't make it in yet 🙂

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    Actually, as a programmer, I'd tell you that Key Binding should be one of the last things they fix, after everything is all said and done...I would like to be able to play the game in a resizable window would help me as a streamer, as I don't have dual monitor support and have to monitor my stream chat via a cell phone because I can't shrink the window enough to put a pop-out chat window on the side


    when i played prealpha i had that bad sence when character is always in a fighting mode. i always wanted to switch it off. at this test it not bother me but i dont mind war mode. lets make it like in UO. make more sence right? and it maybe done with certain cool down. so u switched to war and you cannot attack like a 3-4 seconds so everyone understood that guy who approaching to you with angry face not gonna give u a flowers.

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