Stone / wood for upkeep


    Hello fellow adventurers,

    if you have a city you pay gold and food for upkeep. Once you have built the city, stone is not important.

    You should also pay stone and wood for upkeep.

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    I could be wrong or behind on info, but I think there will also be decay with buildings that will naturally require this.


    @Esoba said in Stone / wood for upkeep:

    I could be wrong or behind on info, but I think there will also be decay with buildings that will naturally require this.

    What about being able to donate stone to the city and get a slower decay timer as a result? That would kind of be a mixture between both demands and it would even be semi realistic. Since it's only optional, it's not even an additional burden for anybody either.


    I like that. Actually would make a ton of sense as carpenters are a thing (or so my Fractured package says regarding upkeep). So if we could donate those things and then the npc carpenters could "pull" them automatically for the upkeep, it would be a pretty cool system.

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    im not 100% sure how it all work atm, but i think the state (governore) should work as a middleman in realtion to community needs. City is community, tavern is community, roads is community, hospital (alchemy) is community, guards (security) is community, blacksmith is community, army is community. so all of those should be supported by community and a state (govenronor) should organise tax and resource collection from people to keep this community alive. from the other hand community have to get in return goods and service for cheaper price from a community centers i mentioned above.

    what i mean is not fully community support like in socializm system but just a service. there must by private buisness but for those who pay tax like city citizens there should be cheap of free support. lets say you cant use fire place free if u r not a citizen. so things like that.

    SO. basicaly im agree that everything should go as a tax to upkeep


    stone tax is quite senseless imho, but i think stones will have a role in future because they will implement sieges, so i think after a siege building will require to be fixed probably, so wood and stone need will return 😛

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    @Meziljin you r right but i think city maintanace will need it and roads maintanance (good idea to obligate citys to maintain main roads and connect them to city infrastructure) , city upgarde can also use stone and wood.

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