Hi, I just found out about this game today.


    How much fun is it and is it worth the early access?

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    depends on your views of a early access.
    EA will only be for short time periods, each time with a new key update (IE towns was the last one).
    These updates might not add anything else other then that one thing.
    After each update there will be a wipe.

    Bug's, sometimes lag (very rare), and not completely finished things will be around.

    There nothing to gain with getting the game other then a early access experience (ie tons of shit missing)
    and possible skins from the foundation (what you don't really need to play to get those rewards)

    The most you'll get is maybe a community and possible the ability to help give input on the game.

    so if that's your cup of tea. then get in here.
    Also if you think you'll like the game in the future consider buying a pack to just support the devs 🙂


    See ya in there if you read and feel compelled to join us 🙂


    You get to explore the game and meet people early. If you are worried about money then wait till Beta but I personally love this game want it to take off.


    @Soleo No one can answer that question for you. Only YOU will be able to know if it was worth it to you or not. Many of us put down money before there was any game to play. We were sold on the dev's vision and wanted to help make it happen. Getting to help in the testing was just an added bonus (if you enjoy that). Was it worth it to me? YOU BET! I have gotten way more than my money's worth of entertainment and enjoyment from this great community and from watching (and being part) the process of a game being built. In this regard results might be varied. Good luck whatever you choose to do!


    Thanks for all the input everyone! Seems like a great community as well which is a must in an mmo.

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